IBM Cognos Solution has reporting and planning requirements covered at Wietersdorfer Group

Published on 23-Aug-2010

"The IBM Cognos solution has given us 100 percent coverage of our reporting and planning requirements. Decisions are based on facts rather than feelings." - DI Andreas Kopp, IT Project Manager, Wietersdorfer Industriebeteiligungen GmbH

Wietersdorfer Group

Construction / Architecture / Engineering, Industrial Products

Deployment country:

BA - Business Analytics, BA - Business Intelligence


IBM could provide the real-time, flexible and future-proof foundation required for Wietersdorfer Group’s reporting and analysis requirements.

Business need:
The company needed a central system for reporting, analysis and planning, ERP-independent and for all departments.

IBM Cognos 8 BI, IBM Cognos 8 Planning , IBM Cognos 8 Controller and IBM Cognos 8 Data Manager deliver real-time reporting and analysis capabilities across the organisation.

The solution helps with standardisation; provides both time and cost saving in producing and delivering reports, facilitates data security; provides quality assurance for reports and data. It has also eased the burden on source systems and delivers more efficient planning flows.

Case Study

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The Wietersdorfer Group is a successful private company that operates in the Austrian construction materials sector and has been fully family owned since 1893. In addition to high-quality products such as cement, lime, plaster, other construction materials and plastic tubes (thermoplastic and fibre-glass reinforced), the company also supplies a wide range of applications for different building tasks.

Challenges faced
The introduction of a new ERP system at the main companies within the Wietersdorfer Industriebeteiligungs Group resulted in a need for a real-time, flexible and future-proof foundation, and to redesign existing reporting structures. That need was fulfilled through the implementation of the IBM® Cognos® CPM solution.

To address rapidly changing market conditions, and at the same time generate time and cost savings in the creation and distribution of reports, the group needed a high-quality, central data management system for reporting, analysis and planning.

The IBM Cognos CPM solution is now helping Wietersdorfer to achieve a balance between standardised reports and individual ad-hoc analyses. Three projects have been implemented so far:

• Introduction of BI for the Sales, Production, Finance and Controlling departments
• Sales planning, intercompany planning
• Medium-term preview generation

Peter Maurer and Andreas Kopp were responsible for managing the business and technical aspects of the project at Wietersdorfer. They were supported by the implementation partner BI plus GmbH, and its extensive, in-depth ERP expertise and access to a customisable basic solution. The solution was quickly and cost effectively extended and adapted to the needs of the Wietersdorfer group, making a significant contribution to its rapid success.

True to the motto “We take you to the next level”, Vienna-based BI plus GmbH, with regional branches in Wörgl and Graz, offers IBM Corporate Performance Management solutions. The close strategic partnership with IBM and cooperation with only IBM-certified consultants and technical experts with years of practical experience ensure the success, quality and efficient implementation of your project. Covering the entire portfolio from Business Intelligence and planning to consulting, design, implementation, training and support.

Strategy followed
The group has been using the “IBM Cognos Controller” consolidation solution with positive results since 2003. As part of the expansion of the performance management application, it was seamlessly integrated into the system environment. In the past, the group had relied on proprietary reports from ERP systems, Crystal reports, Microsoft™ Excel, Access, Professional Planner and Insight to meet its requirements.

The tasks and aims to be addressed by the IBM Cognos solution included real-time reporting, standardisation, data security/single sign on, quality assurance for reports and data, data integration as well as relieving the burden on source systems. It also needed to streamline report preparation and maintenance and to distribute information in a relevant way for decision-making. As well as increasing the efficiency of the planning process and ensuring transparent exchanges of data within the CPM components.

The roll-out of the application
Departments: Sales, Production, Finance, Controlling, QA, IT
Countries: Central Europe, South-East Europe, North-East Europe

The main challenge during the implementation involved integrating different source and ERP systems.The application is used by a total of 85 key users throughout the group, in the Controlling, Finance, Management and Field Sales departments.

Go-live of the IBM Cognos solutions and project duration
Project phase 1: BI Sales, Controlling
3 December 2008 – 4 March 2009 – 3 months
Project phase 2: Sales and intercompany planning and budgeting
22 June 2009 – 22 September 2009 – 3 months

Benefits realized
Access to high-quality data allows users to independently identify specific potential and trends and take immediate action. The transparency of the data makes it possible to trace a trend at any time, from a bird’s eye view down to an individual business case. One sign of the high user acceptance within the group is the fact that reports and analyses are being used at all levels as the basis for meetings and decision-making. The solution has also fulfilled expectations in terms of time and cost savings.

The following benefits have been achieved:

• Turnover reporting
• Field sales customer care (CRM)
• Controlling/Business Development
• Sales planning, intercompany planning
• Medium-term preview generation 3 years
• Data integration/quality assurance from external systems
• IT Reporting

The IBM Cognos solution has also resulted in an increase in reporting frequency (for example, turnover reporting from 1 month to 1 day). Not to mention the elimination of manual input in data provision, preparation and distribution. The group has also benefited from a significant increase in data quality and integrity in comparison with individual Excelbased analyses. Future plans include the continuous expansion and roll-out of the solutions to additional departments and source systems.

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Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, Cognos 8 Planning, Cognos 8 Controller

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