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Release Notes

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Table of Contents

About These Release Notes

  • Audience and Purpose
  • Organization of the Document
  • Related Documents
  • Typographical Conventions
  • AFS 3.6 Release Notes

  • Summary of New Features
  • Supported System Types
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Accessing the AFS Binary Distribution and Documentation
  • Product Notes
  • Product Notes for All System Types
  • Product Notes for AIX Systems
  • Product Notes for Digital UNIX Systems
  • Product Notes for HP-UX Systems
  • Product Notes for IRIX Systems
  • Product Notes for Linux Systems
  • Product Notes for Solaris Systems
  • Documentation Notes
  • Changes to AFS Commands, Files, and Functionality
  • A New Command
  • New File or Command Functionality
  • Support for Backup to TSM
  • New Command and File Features that Support TSM
  • Product Notes for Use of TSM
  • Configuring the Backup System and TSM
  • Upgrading Server and Client Machines to AFS 3.6
  • Prerequisites for Upgrading
  • Obtaining the Binary Distribution
  • Storing Binaries in AFS
  • Upgrading the Operating System
  • Distributing Binaries to Server Machines
  • Upgrading Server Machines
  • Upgrading Client Machines
  • Incorporating AFS into the Kernel and Enabling the AFS Initialization Script
  • Loading AFS into the AIX Kernel
  • Building AFS into the Digital UNIX Kernel
  • Building AFS into the HP-UX Kernel
  • Incorporating AFS into the IRIX Kernel
  • Loading AFS into the Linux Kernel
  • Loading AFS into the Solaris Kernel
  • Storing AFS Documents in AFS
  • Reference Pages
  • CFG_tcid
  • NetRestrict (client version)
  • NetRestrict (server version)
  • TE_tcid
  • TL_tcid
  • backup deletedump
  • backup dumpinfo
  • backup status
  • vos delentry

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