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Systems of Engagement Demand. New Integration Solutions. Download reportSystems of Engagement Demand. New Integration Solutions. Download report

A recent report from Forrester Research shows that the number one inhibitor to the success of customer-facing engagements is inadequate integration with back-office systems. To generate greater value from systems, you must develop services for new interactions – accelerating the delivery of innovative applications with integrated components that meet developer needs, and multi-platform mobile development.


In order to transform emerging opportunities into greater business outcomes, you must be positioned to act on insights from mobile integration. To capture insights from mobile, enterprise IT requires simplified assembly of API’s, external and mobile access to business services and lightweight mobile and m2m messaging for continuous listening.


As business begins to realize the complexity of realizing the internet of things requires that now, more than ever, you must be responsive to change. You must deploy and safeguard applications that provide unmatched flexibility to connect to a large array of instrumented devices at massive scale, leverage pattern based expertise, and provide on-demand scale and capacity.


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