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Business. In Motion.

It’s undeniable – our world is becoming smarter. The convergence of new technologies is changing the way business gets done now that interconnected devices, people and physical objects are in abundance. As a result, more organizations are realizing the Smarter Planet vision IBM introduced 5 years ago.

Leading businesses, communities and cities can access and monitor critical real-time information, because they have adopted technologies like cloud, mobile, social and big data. They are creating opportunity by putting their businesses in motion.

A Business in Motion is ready to meet customers on their terms, with a complete understanding of each customer, used to create deeper, more meaningful engagements.

Global machine-to-machine connections are expected to increase from 2 billion in 2011 to 18 billion at the end of 2022.

-Connected Life Top Applications by 2020, GSMA

Becoming a Business in Motion requires 5 key actions:

A system of interaction provides flexibility and scale in back-office systems to keep pace with the rate of change, and connects them to all of the new endpoints of front-office engagements.

Learn how to put your business in motion:

Put your business in motion. Become a mobile enterprise. Reinventing business operations. Respond to customers in real-time. Scale to meet any demand.

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