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IBM System z Software Migration


The IBM Software Migration Project Office

Why migration?

Why are companies migrating to IBM and Tivoli products from utilities software vendors (USVs) the likes of Computer Associates, BMC and others?

For starters, they want:

These companies have turned to IBM's Software Migration Project Office (SMPO) for assistance. Since 1993 the SMPO has been helping clients migrate to some of the industry's leading database and z/OS® systems management from IBM and Tivoli.

Our migration services offerings along with our dedicated team of more than 90 migration specialists are available to help ensure that your migration is a success. We've performed more than 3,500 migrations and have a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent! Let us help you migrate.

For information on z/OS Systems Management migrations to IBM/Tivoli products or information on Relational, Non-Relational to DB2 database migrations Contact Us

The SMPO provides unmatched expertise in migration solutions for z/OS systems management, DB2, CICS tools and security. . . as well as assistance with software portfolio manangement and cost containment.

The SMPO consists of:

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