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IBM System z Software Migration

Enhancing the value and power of your mainframe software environment

IBM System z Software Migration

Finding the optimal balance

Pressured to achieve greater returns on their investments, today’s IT leaders seek simpler, lower-cost mainframe software environments. They are determined to establish an optimal balance between money spent and value gained. On the cost side, they want to eliminate redundant applications, reduce vendor numbers and build more predictability and flexibility into service contracts. On the value side, they expect best-in-class functionality as well as the ability to extend their current mainframe infrastructures to support modern workloads. Achieving this balance requires a cost-effective approach that mitigates risk.

Organizations that team with IBM to lower IT costs and complexity through optimized software management can achieve significant savings and value. Professionals with the IBM Software Migration Project Office draw on proven methodologies and tools—as well as their own extensive experience—to assess your current software portfolio and related expenses, then make recommendations for lower-cost software products with equal or better functionality. In addition, they can help you prepare for a migration, including training your IT staff, then expertly manage the transition. Finally, they can leverage leading IBM software solutions for the IBM System z® environment that deliver superior levels of performance, efficiency and flexibility.

Streamlining your ISV software portfolio

The IBM Software Migration Project Office has successfully performed thousands of migrations with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent. We are ready to help you as well. Your organization can benefit from our proven client-focused approach and processes and the extraordinary expertise and skills of our migration specialists.

Why IBM?

IBM is committed to providing the road map and resources for the ongoing evolution of the mainframe environment. Our strategic vision for smarter computing supports infrastructure design that can generate insight from vast quantities of data, be optimized for maximum performance and efficiency, and be managed in the cloud. In addition, we invest our intellectual capital into developing integrated solutions for protecting, integrating and extending mainframe assets.

Through our ongoing product development efforts and strategic acquisitions, IBM can offer your organization lower-cost software product alternatives enhanced by our extensive services capabilities. As a customer-focused business, IBM solutions are also competitively priced and offered with flexible, predictable terms and conditions.

IBM Software migration teams and resources

Software migration specialists are available worldwide to address your migration priorities: