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IBM SOA Foundation

Getting started with SOA is easier with the IBM SOA Foundation — an integrated, open-standards-based set of software, best practices and patterns for Service Oriented Architecture. IBM SOA Foundation helps to extend the value of the applications and business processes that currently run your business, not replace them.

IBM SOA Foundation is interoperable and fully modular — allowing you to select components on a build-as-you-go basis by adding components as new requirements need to be addressed. And because IBM SOA Foundation is scalable, you can start small and grow as fast as the business requires. IBM SOA Foundation also provides extensive support for business and IT standards to facilitate greater interoperability and portability between applications.

The software that comprises IBM SOA Foundation has been carefully selected from the leading-edge IBM software portfolio to support each stage of the SOA life cycle which includes four stages: model, assemble, deploy and manage. Underpinning all of these life-cycle stages are governance and processes that provide guidance and oversight for the SOA project.

IBM SOA Foundation - Model Phase:

IBM SOA Foundation - Assemble Phase:

IBM SOA Foundation - Deploy Phase:

IBM SOA Foundation - Manage Phase:

IBM SOA Foundation - Governance


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