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Smart Work with BPM, SOA and WebSphere

Executive viewpoint

Do you know when to apply rules and events to decisions, versus employing analytics for this purpose? Don’t feel bad if you are confused. At a high-level, the marketing messages sound quite similar. To help you sort through the technologies for business rules, business events, and analytics as they relate to BPM, this issue explains the differences between these decision management tools and how each can add muscle to your BPM implementation. Decision management is a growing practice because it automates and improves decision-making now and going forward, something we all strive for – no confusion about that.

Aside from decision management, other popular technologies like cloud and mobile platforms are quickly changing the face of process management. In this issue Phil Gilbert, IBM vice president of BPM, gives his vision of what this means in the next decade for both the IT “genius” and the business experts on a team. This evolution includes business-friendly rule management systems, democratized management of processes, and increasing connectivity throughout growing networks of partners, suppliers and customers. His thoughts should bring comfort to both IT and business participants.

An ideal example of Phil’s vision about the evolution of BPM is Blueworks Live, our new cloud offering with a social, collaborative approach. Using Blueworks Live, a business person with little technical skill can automate processes they currently run over email. IBM has found that 75 percent of our customers’ processes today are conducted using email or spreadsheet and document attachments, and these processes have not been addressed by BPM tools in the past. That’s why I see Blueworks Live as revolutionary, because it opens the door to valuable business user involvement and insight into ad-hoc processes. I hope you will give it a try.

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