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Smart Work with BPM, SOA and WebSphere

Executive viewpoint

The Business Rules Forum this month generated numerous blog posts about how and why to make business rules management a main ingredient in your business process improvement projects. With this combination, you can gain a great deal of flexibility to adapt quickly to business changes, and to improve decision making. Processes become more accurate and predictable when business personnel directly incorporate current decision logic in business applications. In this issue, read about how you can get started quickly to define and implement working business rules.

Another topic at the forefront of technical and business media—you may call it hype--is cloud computing. This month we explore how your SOA environment gives you a jump start on cloud computing, and why you don’t want to head into the clouds without it. You’ll be even happier with the investment you’ve made in service oriented architecture when you begin to take advantage of the time and cost benefits of cloud.

It’s time to begin thinking about how you can participate in Impact 2010, set for May 2 – 7 in Las Vegas. At Impact your organization’s Business and IT professionals can learn together how to innovate for business results. Hear about the latest technologies, business successes and best practices in BPM and Smart SOA.

Please consider writing a proposal to present an Impact session yourself. Do you have a story to tell about an innovative technology solution that is helping your organization to work smarter? If so, we want to hear about it. Visit and click “Call for speakers is now open” for more details on topic areas and how to submit a proposal.

Even if you don’t choose to speak, please register now to receive the early bird discount and join us in Las Vegas. Let’s learn to work smarter and build a smarter planet together.

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