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Top IBM Smart SOA articles

These 10 recent articles in the newsletter had the highest readership

Managing the complexity of business processes
Enterprises embarking on the business process management journey must ensure that they keep the gains that business processes provide by controlling the cost of their life cycle. Particularly, a process quality approach is essential to enable low-cost changes. This article should interest business architects, and IT managers and architects as it discusses an approach to controlling the development and maintenance efforts for business processes by limiting their complexity.

SOA and integration in the cloud bring agility and value down to earth
Using cloud integration with SOA is a cost-effective means to improve business integration and give your organization the agility to respond quickly to customers and partners on their terms. Leveraging a cloud-based integration solution delivered as a service provides an easily scalable approach to business integration. And software-as-a-service-based integration can either extend or kick-start a company's SOA initiative.

Make a BPM business case and learn 11 habits for success
Do you need to make a business case for initiating a business process improvement project in your organization? Would you like to know from the start what factors are required for successful business process management (BPM)? Two new white papers are available from IBM and Lombardi, an IBM company, to help in these areas.

Getting started with BPM: Find the best entry point
A popular topic at our Impact 2010 conference was an introduction to the common adoption patterns for business process management (BPM). IBM identified these patterns from more than 5,000 BPM engagements, and created three common entry points to BPM. Read the article to match your business needs with an entry point, or to see which pattern your organization used to get started with BPM and other options for future BPM projects.

Advanced case management and BPM: Better together
As IBM explained its strategy for advanced case management (ACM) this year, questions arose as to the relationship of ACM and business process management (BPM). This article describes both of these concepts, the value that BPM brings to the knowledge worker, and the value of the additional technology components behind ACM.

Ideas for innovation from the Smart Work Jam
Did you jam? Last fall, IBM hosted the Smart Work Jam, engaging industry and university thought leaders, clients, Business Partners and IBMers to discuss how we can work smarter together. For 72 hours, more than 2,000 participants from 68 countries "jammed" with nearly 5,000 posts across seven topics. The Smart Work Jam Report, now available, outlines the highlights and insights around the central themes of the Jam, and includes your ideas for innovation.

Outperforming companies share new way of working
The way companies approach their work, respond to change, gather information and use technology separates the low performers from the high performers, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value study called "A New Way of Working: Insights from Global Leaders." Find out what makes them more dynamic, collaborative and connected; and the common barriers that prevent them from working smarter. Read this summary, watch the interview of the research director, view the webcast, and download the full report – then map your path to growth.

Making SOA governance fit your organization
A key to success with SOA is the proper application of SOA governance. But, SOA governance is not one-size-fits-all. Read how you can tailor SOA governance to your organization, with tips from a book by IBM authors, based on their experiences with customers. These strategies can help you use SOA governance to optimize costs without adding to overhead.

How SOA can ease your move to cloud computing
Another topic at the forefront of technical and business media—you may call it hype--is cloud computing. This article explores how your SOA environment gives you a jump start on cloud computing, and why you don’t want to head into the clouds without it. You’ll be even happier with the investment you’ve made in service oriented architecture when you begin to take advantage of the time and cost benefits of cloud.

Serious games for smarter skills: The future of learning
Technology can play a role in improving education for students and professionals now and in the future. Read about the components of serious games that support effective educational practices. Find out how to take the models you use when playing INNOV8, our IBM BPM simulation game, and then interact with and manipulate them in IBM BPM BlueWorks.

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