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Smart Work with BPM, SOA and WebSphere

Executive viewpoint

If you need effective ways to train professionals, you may like what we have planned in our new serious game, IBM CityOne. It builds on IBM’s smarter planet initiative for making our world smarter, city by city, by letting you experience what happens when you select alternative technology solutions to pressing problems in a municipality. Challenges in the game call for optimizing banking, retail, or energy and water solutions. Read about this powerful game, and sign up to be notified when CityOne goes live in October.

For many of us, thinking about education means planning to purchase back-to-school supplies. This event brings a $55 billion opportunity to retailers for K-12 and college student spending in the U.S. alone. This month we explore how retailers can gain the agility to grab their share during major spending events like this and the holiday season. Read how business process management gives retailers the business agility to execute effective promotions, improve product availability and automate vendor on-boarding.

Recent blogs have questioned whether you need enterprise architecture (EA) if you have SOA, and we could not resist jumping into the fray with commentary by our subject matter expert about how both SOA and EA can coexist peacefully in an organization. Claus Jensen positions SOA and EA, and gives his thoughts on collaborating across both teams.

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