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Insight, Visibility and Control

Effective management of production SOA services is critical to getting the full of value of SOA. To efficiently manage SOA-based applications clients need to monitor and control end-to-end implementations of SOA based services and applications. To do so effectively they need insight and visibility. IBM offers products and services that help to:

Automate and simplify IT processes

To successfully deploy SOA-based services and to manage them from initial release to on-going updates and changes, IBM® Tivoli® offers automated process managers for effective and efficient execution of IT processes. These automated process managers help ensure the integrity and service levels of existing and new applications as well as help to reduce costs and errors.

Monitor and manage application service levels

End-to-end visibility into SOA based services and applications and their interaction with shared resources can be challenging. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) for SOA provides visibility into message content, transaction workflows & flow patterns and the ability to identify and isolate performance bottlenecks across technology and platform boundaries.

In addition, to ensure that the right IT resources are deployed to serve the higher impact business services, IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager provides a Services dashboard view to monitor higher value SOA services and prioritize and align IT operations to business priorities.

Predict and manage change across linked services

Rapid and frequent change are inherent in a SOA environment. SOA-based applications and services share underlying IT resources. Any change made to one service or application could impact other services and applications in unforeseen and unexpected ways. IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) helps clients predict, control and map the business impact of any change introduced in their IT environment. The CCMDB can serve as a single version of truth to facilitate the introduction of any change in the environment so as to ensure that the existing services and applications continue to deliver to their Service Level Agreements (SLA).

IBM expertise for service management strategy and planning

IBM’s Services brings a business-oriented, standards-based approach to IT service management planning. IBM professionals use tested and mature assets and methods for planning IT service management. For example, to help prioritize and diagnose service management capabilities, we employ detailed capability maturity models for the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) and IBM’s Process Reference Model for IT (PRM-IT), along with other proven assessment tools and techniques.

IBM IT Management Consulting Services provide collaborative planning that enables clients to define practical solution approaches to implementing best practices. IBM Lifecycle Management and Governance Services help clients assess, define and implement an integrated set of systems management tools and processes which provide a business-oriented view of how well IT services are performing. Specifically, IBM offers the business of IT dashboard which provides the visibility clients need to increase application and infrastructure flexibility to support dynamic business objectives. The dashboard solution enables better IT planning, increases productivity and provides insights that enable CIOs and senior IT managers to respond effectively to changing business conditions. Also, IBM service management implementation services can help clients improve control over configuration, change and resource management processes.

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