Innov8 2.0

The INNOV8 BPM simulation game brings IT and business together for process model innovation

Both IT and business professionals understand that processes are critical to success. They just look at them from different perspectives. INNOV8, the IBM Business Process Management (BPM) simulation game, gives both IT and business players a better understanding of how effective BPM impacts an entire business ecosystem. INNOV8 also demonstrates how a more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world supports process improvements and working smarter to help build a smarter planet.

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Inside INNOV8 Online, you will encounter three different game scenarios:

Smarter Traffic -- Evaluate existing traffic patterns and re-route traffic based on incoming metrics.

Smarter Customer Service -- Using a call center environment, players develop more efficient ways to respond to customers.

Smarter Supply Chains -- Evaluate a traditional supply chain model, balance supply and demand and reduce environmental impact.

Players quickly see how practical process improvements can help meet profitability, customer satisfaction and environmental goals while addressing real problems faced by municipalities and businesses today. And when they're done playing, they can compare scores with other players on global scoreboards.

INNOV8 in Action

USC - Marshall School of Business.

INNOV8 in Action at University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business

INNOV8 Full Academic Edition

INNOV8 2.0 Full Edition

Teach BPM in a classroom with full downloadable game.

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