INNOV8 2.0 Full Academic Edition

INNOV8 2.0 Full Academic Edition

1-hr playable BPM Sim game running on a 3D game engine, free for Professors and Customers

The Academic Edition of INNOV8 2.0, the IBM Business Process Management (BPM) simulation game, gives both IT and business players an excellent introduction to BPM, from learning the anatomy of a model, to how one might optimize the model and make a company more profitable.

The game features a fictional call center agency, After Inc, who has a process model that is functioning sub-optimally. As the protagonist Logan, you must discover the current model, find out why it is under-performing and then optimize it to meet the demands of the market.

The INNOV8 Cast

Over 1000 schools worldwide have downloaded the game and more than 100 universities worldwide have built custom curriculum using our serious game to help students learn about business process management and SOA. One study found that a great lecture can improve learning by 17% but serious games can improve learning by 108%!

Professors! Join IBM's Academic Initiative and download INNOV8 today and help prepare your students to be business leaders of tomorrow! Optional curriculum included! Already a member and ready to download?(Professors registered with IBM's Academic Initiative can download the game at this time. It's free!)

IBM Customers! Ask your client reps to register for the game on your behalf via the INNOV8 Customer Ambassador Program.

Assets include:

  1. INNOV8 2.0 Academic Edition downloadable game
  2. Pre and post usage surveys (online)
  3. BlueWorks Communities (online)
  4. Instruction manual

INNOV8 2.0 Online Game

Your mission: Lower carbon footprint, raise profitability, satisfy customers. Think you can beat the high score?

Interactive Case Studies

Experience how real customers surmounted traffic, supply chain, and customer service challenges with Smart Work: 3D Interactive.

BPM BlueWorks


Discover and explore business-relevant content to understand, experience, and accelerate business process management with IBM's BPM BlueWorks.


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