SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle Management

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A critical component to IBM SOA governance is quality management, which focuses on making sure that services created and reused are the highest quality. With SOA, quality management is not just about testing, but is an end-to-end process starting with quality requirements and ending with monitoring services in production.

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Quality management is not quality assurance department testing, but a company-wide end-to-end focus on being business-driven and involving every phase of the SOA lifecycle:





IBM supplies new and enhanced products and services to support your SOA quality management needs.

Requirements-driven testing

Service quality management and analysis

IBM Tivoli® Composite Application Manager provides response time and application management dashboards in the highly scalable suite of 23 monitors that measures services' availability, performance, and content through periodic polling of distributed points, then uses these Web-based reports to confirm service level agreement adherence and end-user satisfaction.

Getting started quickly

IBM Global Technology Services quality management services offer the following types of services: