SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle Management

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IBM has developed a federated approach to policy management that coordinates the authoring, transformation, enforcement, and monitoring of policies across a broad range of products and technologies. This approach fits into the overall SOA governance approach that includes federated registry/repository capability.

With this approach, policies can be added to your SOA environment at various stages in an SOA transformation. Policy enhances the value proposition of SOA components as well as the consumability and adoption of SOA solutions. It also:

Policy management:

IBM SOA policy approach

The IBM strategy is to drive integration and interoperability across policy domains with an immediate focus on SOA policy enablement. Policy is a first-class asset in an SOA, delivering enforcement and traceability across all stages of the service lifecycle.

Author - Transform - Enforce - Monitor

See the IBM Redpaper, "SOA Policy Management" for more information.