SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle Management

Effective SOA Governance. Download technical white paper

The IBM SOA Governance and Management Method helps identify appropriate best practices, merged with your existing IT processes, to provide proper governance of the capabilities introduced with SOA. The end result is a project plan to create your organization's unique governance framework.

To get an overview of IBM's view of SOA governance, download the white paper Introduction to SOA governance and service lifecycle management (PDF, 584KB).

To learn more about the IBM SOA Governance and Management Method, download the white paper SOA Governance: How to oversee successful implementation through proven best practices and methods.

IBM provides SOA industry leadership in SOA Standards, including creating the SOA Governance Maturity Model. IBM can help identify what customers need to be successful with SOA and SOA Governance, and has products and services to back it up. IBM Advantage for SOA Governance Standards paper IBM Advantage for Service Maturity Models paper

Within the SOA governance lifecycle, the IBM Rational Method Composer for SOA Governance plug-in supports both the plan and define phases to plan your implementation of a SOA governance framework and to define the particular processes and policies needed to enable SOA governance.

With the plug-in, as changes are identified, you can amend the processes and easily track and communicate the changes. The plug-in requires Rational Method Composer.