SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle

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IBM SOA Governance lifecycle graphicThe IBM® SOA governance lifecycle expands the governance layer of the IBM SOA Foundation into manageable components.

Actions needed to establish, maintain, and enhance an effective SOA Governance framework are depicted as a lifecycle consisting of four phases: plan, define, enable, and measure.

Plan: Establish the governance needed

During the planning phase of building an SOA governance framework, you focus on understanding the overall scope of the governance need within your organization and identify areas for improved governance.

This phase includes:

Define: Design the governance approach

After you identify the opportunities for improved governance, business and IT professionals work together to define and modify the current governance arrangements and mechanisms. For example, new approaches to creating policies should be agreed on at this time.

Other important governance decisions made during this phase include:

Enable: Put the governance model into action

Solutions to the governance need are then put into action during this phase. Common activities include:

Measure: Monitor and manage the governance process

Governance arrangements and mechanisms that were identified in the Define phase and deployed in the Enable phase are monitored.

Actions in this phase include: