SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle

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SOA governance is an extension of IT governance, which is an extension of corporate governance. SOA Governance exercises control of the lifecycle of services and composite applications in an organization’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) .

The function of SOA Governance is primarily to:

SOA Governance provides the Business/IT alignment needed to achieve the SOA promise-of-value for service reuse and improved business agility. The two key components of SOA Governance are Service Governance and Organizational Change .

Effective SOA Governance must cover the people, processes, and technologies involved in the entire SOA lifecycle from a business point of view, and connectivity and reuse from an IT point of view, thus aligning business with IT. Numerous studies have found that to achieve the benefits of SOA, governance needs to be in-place at the beginning of the initial SOA implementation.

SOA Benefit How SOA Governance can help realize the benefit
Agility SOA governance can facilitate fast, effective decision making across both business and IT, and enhance the ability to rapidly build, configure and assemble services to form innovative solutions in the marketplace, reducing bureaucratic obstacles that get in the way
Speed to Market SOA governance can speed resolution when things do not work according to the plan. People will understand who to go to and how best to resolve issues for maximum effectiveness. This knowledge can help speed change, enabling organizations to react more quickly and decisively to competitive threats and marketplace opportunities
Reduced Cost Acceptance of and agreement on services that provide the greatest value encourages adoption and reuse of those services and reduces wasted effort and cost. Tracking and managing to standards helps guide users and developers to know what to do and when and where to look for available services. As existing service assets are leveraged across the organization, return on investment improves.