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Smart Work Mandate Events

IBM The Smart Work Mandate. Agile. Collaborative. Connected.

Smart Work Mandate Events

The world is changing. It's an interconnected, instrumented and intelligent planet where rapid change and market shifts are the norm. People live and work in new ways. The question is, how do we optimize business performance in this environment? Organizations must redefine the way the work to meet these new demands. They must create an agile, collaborative and connected business environment that empowers people and embraces change. This is Smart Work. By leveraging the power of combining the elements of people, processes and technology in a Smarter Planet context, Smart work addresses some questions:

All of the events presented below include Keynote content focused on how IBM Smart Work solutions are redefining how we work. Attend an event below to learn more!

2009 Smart Work Events Listing

Date Location Event Attend
Sept 16
Replay Available
Virtual Smart Work Virtual Videocast Register
May 2 -7, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada Impact 2010 - The Premier Conference for Business and IT Leaders Learn more