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Leverage a platform that optimizes IT workloads and achieves better business outcomes

Speed development and delivery of innovative applications

Can your organization extend the reach of applications beyond company walls and foster an ecosystem of innovators? Look to IBM’s robust, affordable capabilities to deliver mobile, web and enterprise applications. Our built-in integrity technology helps ensure successful completion of every transaction. The user experience becomes reliable, secure and consistent across multiple channels.

You can deliver the next wave of applications with a platform delivered by IBM WebSphere®.

IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 provides a robust foundation for your applications. Its intelligent management of workloads helps to reduce total cost of ownership. The powerful Liberty profile is a lightweight runtime that fosters a fast, flexible and simplified application development environment.

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron® V6.2 offers cloud and mobile integration, plus Web API services. You can rapidly unlock business information from both cloud and on-premises applications, and make it easily consumable in mobile applications. With WebSphere Cast Iron’s rapid and scalable Web API services, you can extend the business services of your hybrid enterprise.

IBM WebSphere MQ V7.5 is a fully integrated messaging solution for secure, reliable and

scalable data movement. It enables built-in integration of applications on any platform, and any devices spanning mainframe to mobile to cloud. WebSphere MQ contains both file transfer and advanced messaging capabilities in a single offering.

Quickly adapt to change with optimized processes and decisions

You can respond more quickly to a fast-changing business landscape by optimizing business operations with increased visibility, governance and collaboration. IBM business process management (BPM), decision management and SOA solutions and expertise enable business and IT users to synchronize business operations by using intuitive interfaces and centralized repositories.

IBM Business Process Manager V8 is a comprehensive BPM platform for providing full visibility and management of business processes. Process owners and business users engage directly in optimizing processes and automating workflows. New social capabilities help participants dramatically improve the way work gets done.

IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management V8 gives you a new experience for managing change to critical business systems. This next generation of business rules technology brings accurate decision automation and governance to improve profitability, mitigate risk and ensure compliance across the enterprise.

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