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Conquer change and complexity with expert integrated systems

Trying to keep pace with changing consumer needs is straining IT capabilities. Businesses continue to struggle with the extensive time and labor they must devote to managing and maintaining IT systems. Many organizations have improved IT by tuning and optimizing their general-purpose systems for their business environments, using appliances for simplicity, or cloud for elasticity.

IBM has introduced a new breed of systems with integrated expertise to handle today’s complexity by combining the best of all three approaches. These systems offer the flexibility of a general-purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload.

IBM’s new family of expert integrated systems, IBM PureSystems, can change the experience and economics of IT by providing:

Expert integrated systems from IBM represent the collective knowledge of thousands of deployments, established best practices, innovative thinking and distilled expertise. They combine advanced IBM hardware and software with patterns of expertise for a simplified experience – from system procurement, to setup and solution deployment, through day-to-day management and upgrades.

You can Improve IT agility with the first two members of the IBM PureSystems family:

The IBM PureFlex™ System deeply integrates IT elements and expertise of system infrastructure, including pre-integrated servers, storage, networking, virtualization and management. This system is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs.

The IBM PureApplication™ System provides pre-integrated middleware and expertise of the application platform along with the components of an infrastructure system. It is tuned specifically for enterprise applications, is workload-aware, and designed to be easy to deploy, customize, manage and secure.

With expert integrated systems, you can free your IT resources to innovate for business growth.

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