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Webcast Series: 5 Small Scale IT Projects for Big Time Business Results

How to pilot your way to greater business agility and near term ROI

Companies are redesigning operating strategies for ultimate speed and flexibility, targeting those initiatives that can deliver significant business improvements quickly, especially in the CEO-hot button areas of innovation, operational efficiency and customer experience.

This webcast series features five proven IT projects for greater business agility and flexibility, designed to deliver faster ROI by taking a practical and incremental approach to implementation.

Each project:

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Part 1: NACCO Increases Engineering Productivity by Managing Change Effectively in 15 days
Duration: 60 minutes

NACCO Materials Handling Group implemented new BPM processes for Engineering Change Notice (ECN) and Product Cost Authorization, using IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition and IBM Lombardi Edition for Microsoft Office add-on, because the existing platform was inefficient and manual-intensive. The new system increased the productivity of NACCO engineers by reducing their manual hand-offs and interactions with legacy systems. One process was selected for implementation before wider roll-out.

Attend this webcast to learn how the ECN was designed, developed and deployed in 15 days, and how NACCO extended this process to all ECNs (both new and existing).

Part 2: How to efficiently deploy and virtualize your application environment
Duration: 60 minutes

Wondering if your organization can leverage cloud in the midst of flat or tightening budgets? Don't miss this webcast to learn how you can begin enjoying the cost saving benefits of efficient application deployment to private Clouds with IBM Workload Deployer (formerly WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance), regardless of your enterprises size, industry or internal expertise. Additionally, enhance server utilization and efficiently manage application workloads with WebSphere Virtual Enterprise. Don't miss this time and investment saving session!,

Part 3: Intelligently manage your application environment and deliver rich user experiences faster with WebSphere Application Server v8
Duration: 60 minutes

Do you struggle with the business demands for fast delivery of innovative, high performing applications and services and the concurrent need to manage costs? Learn how a strong, flexible application foundation, based on the new WebSphere Application Server v8, helps you quickly deliver on business needs while balancing key considerations such as security, scalability and manageability. Control costs and improve TCO in homogenous and mixed infrastructures, from distributed to z/OS environments. Listen to the webcast to learn more about how IBM's market leading application server can promote the agility you need for business success today.

Part 4: Decision Automation Pilot: "Improve the timing and quality of your most important operational decisions within key business processes"
Duration: 60 minutes

Imagine being able to implement 20% of your business rules that cover 80% of your business transactions; allowing you to double the pass-through rate of all billing transactions in just 9 weeks. One major transportation company in North America did just that. With this Quick Win pilot, you start small, with meaningful business rules, deploying a subset of your business decisions to demonstrate and validate the value of the technology and implementation methodology. Through this pilot, you will directly and measurably experience how intelligent decision automation can improve your business before making a larger investment.

Part 5: Making Vital Business Connections Faster and More Effectively
Duration: 60 minutes

Did you think you could onboard a new business partner 50% faster, or reduce the time and cost to change your IT systems by 50%? You can.

By leveraging an incremental approach to SOA, you can begin to make faster, better, and richer connections across your business network in less than 9 months. Watch this webcast to learn how.