Changing the Learning Culture

That 70s Show - The Main Star of the 70:20:10 Learning Model


As stated by Bersin by Deloitte in their Predictions for 2015 research report, “…we are in an era where corporate learning is going through as much change as we witnessed in the early 2000s when e-learning hit the scene.”

What is driving this radical change and how can we thrive in this new environment?

Scott Edwards, Product Manager, IBM Smarter Workforce, Cheryl Burgess, CEO, and Mark Burgess, President, Blue Focus Marketing, authors of The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill), will discuss changes that are taking place within the corporate learning environment:

In this webinar, Scott will also discuss the two key drivers of the learning revolution:

  1. The 70:20:10 Learning Model – how we’ve historically been investing in the 10%, but are now changing to focus on the 70%.
  2. Technology Innovations - how technology innovations such as video, micro-content, mobile, social and analytics are changing the learning game.

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