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The Science of
Smarter Workforce

IBM® Smarter Workforce can help you create a new way of working using solutions and technologies to hire and onboard, understand and engage, and grow and retain.

Hire and Onboard

Smarter Workforce provides the materials to make brilliant discoveries in talent acquisition. Real-time learning, social collaboration and knowledge sharing deliver an engaging candidate experience.

46% of workers say

a company’s employment brand plays a very big role in their decision to apply for a job.1


Tell your company story

Today, job seekers not only look for dollar signs and vacation days, they also want to know your company’s unique story. So tell them with the cultural analysis and employment branding offered in Smarter Workforce.

1 out of 6 job seekers

say that they used social media during their job search to find a new position.2


Recruit Socially

Workers today run their lives with social media. Smarter Workforce with IBM Kenexa® BrassRing® implements social referral capabilties in existing recruitment processes.

Be Mobile, Make it Easy to Apply

Today, 75% of the world’s population owns a mobile device. So it’s likely your perfect candidate is job searching on their phone or tablet. IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud makes mobile access easier.

65% of Workers

who search for jobs will leave a website if it is not mobile-optimized.1

Hire the right talent

Hiring the right person for the job can be an overwhelming and confusing task. IBM Kenexa Assessments lets you apply behavioral insight to remove the guesswork.

Get Onboard

Once you’ve sent the offer letter, your candidate is engaged and excited. Let Smarter Workforce’s social onboarding help maintain a high level of engagement while beginning a faster onboarding process.

A Seamless Transition

Starting a new job is stressful and tiring. You can give your new hire a seamless transition with digital employee experiences. Feedback can flow freely while keeping your new hire engaged.

Conveyor Belt

Understand & Engage

Having the right employee is just the first step. Understanding and engaging your workers is crucial to improving your organization’s performance. Workforce science and analytics lead to better understanding and performance.

Create a Blueprint

We all know what a great worker looks like, but what is it that really makes them great? Predictive hiring and talent analytics can help us understand just that. With these features, you can pinpoint performance excellence and ensure continued success.


90% of Organizations

do not have all the skills they need to be successful.3

Don’t let the numbers scare you

Data and analytics can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. IBM Kenexa Talent Insights speaks the “language of HR” and automatically shows you patterns and alternative paths to explore.

Understanding analytics in your every day language gives you the power to influence the strategic decisions impacting your company.


Companies using big data analytics have been able to

Reduce Attrition by more than 15%.4

Listen to your business by asking your workforce what they think.

Gather employee insights through a robust IBM Survey program. Employee feedback paired with ongoing business strategy and performance goals provides leaders with laser focus to encourage higher employee performance and better business outcomes.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by

up to 202%.5

Identify Workforce Readiness

No business is a finished puzzle. Companies are growing and changing so it’s natural to have talent gaps. Using workforce readiness helps identify and predict where those gaps will occur.

1 in 4 companies

say open positions from talent gaps have caused losses in revenue.6

Get Collaborating

Working together yields the best results. When teams share ideas, amazing concepts emerge. By utilizing social collaboration tools with Smarter Workforce, your business can deliver higher quality products and services.

Grow & Retain

Assembling a team of engaged and enthusiastic employees is no easy task, and retaining these workers is necessary to maintain your competitive advantage. Smarter Workforce uses predictive retention tools to help you keep your business ahead.

Knowledge is Power

Workers today are anxious to learn and develop their skills, which can only improve your business. You can provide ongoing learning and development to your teams with IBM Kenexa Learning Management System.

Content is Key

While ongoing education programs are important, you need to be sure your employees are getting the most relevant content. As your market changes, Smarter Workforce solutions provide the most up-to-date content for your employees.


92% of Job Seekers

said they would feel more loyal to an employer who invests in training them.6

Aligning goals and managing performance

It's hard to get your company organized when goals don’t match up and performance isn’t being properly managed. Smarter Workforce provides performance, succession and compensation management to create a more efficient workflow.

76% of HR professionals

said that workforce analytics gave them a better capacity to manage their workforce.7

Competitive Compensation

Let’s talk numbers. No one wants to work for a company that underpays its employees. With Smarter Workforce, you’re provided with compensation and rewards solutions that show you how your company’s pay compares to your competitor’s.

25% of Employees

say fair compensation is the most important thing they want from their organization.8

Total costs of replacement can reach 200% of an employee’sannual salary9

Predict who will leave

Predictive retention analytics can help you identify which employees are most likely to leave. Using this data, you can get ahead of the game and consider how to keep them on your team.

When you combine all the right ingredients, the result is a

Smarter Workforce

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