39% of recent hires would not be rehired

That’s a lot of hiring mistakes. Efficiency metrics, like time to fill, are linked to an increase in hiring mistakes—by up to 11% pts. Better talent can be hired faster and at less cost, and onboarding can start before day one.

Regus: Implementing a recruitment solution to help the organization meet a challenging growth deadline
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Analytics pays $13.01 for every dollar spent

Spend less time guessing and more time on value add efforts that will impact the business. Uncover insights you might never have known existed. Keep a pulse on the business through the eyes of your workforce.

IBV Study: Unlock the people equation
Salary. Cost of Replacement

Total replacement costs can reach double salary

Use predictive hiring to identify candidates that have the potential to stay at your company longer. Retain employees with surveys that identify areas for improvement.

White Paper: Are traditional HR practices keeping your organization average?

What is Smarter Workforce?

A unique initiative that helps you attract and create an engaged and connected workforce to drive business outcomes.

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Customer Stories

Fossil Case Study

Fossil saw an immediate reduction in spending by using the Onboarding solution, and the Talent Suite enabled the company to be ready for its peak hiring seasons.

AMD Remains Competitive

AMD was able to increase sales productivity and collaboration across the company all while cutting costs by utilizing hosted solutions in the IBM cloud.

Recruitment at H&R Block

As a result of implementing IBM Kenexa products, the company sped up the hiring and onboarding process which added additional revenue to the business. Hear the full story in the video.

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