Kenexa is now part of
IBM Smarter Workforce

Engaging employees to drive the business

Kenexa®, a leading provider of recruiting and talent management solutions, is now part of IBM® Smarter Workforce. IBM Kenexa talent management solutions bring a unique combination of cloud-based technology and consulting services that integrates both people and processes.

What is a Smarter Workforce?

Smarter Workforce helps organizations build an impassioned and engaged workforce to drive deeper client relationships, and deliver better business outcomes. Smarter Workforce combines market-leading talent management and social collaboration solutions with the power of workforce science and cognitive analytics capabilities, to help organizations:

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   attract, engage and grow the best talent

   create an engaging, social and collaborative culture

   connect the right people to get work done

How to Build a Smarter Workforce

Hire the best

Attract, develop and retain high performing talent, by using analytics and workforce science to predict "best fit" for high value roles, and help your people do meaningful work.

Engage your people

Nurture an engaging environment and culture built on trust, transparency and responsiveness, informed by analytics and grounded in a common vision of success.

Connect and collaborate

Get work done by connecting employees, customers and partners, to enable a collaborative work experience that is in-context, powered by analytics and delivered anytime, anywhere.

eBook: Engaging Employees
to Drive the Business

Our employees drove the need for a different way of working. We had to better engage, connect and inspire them, to drive deeper client relationships and sustain competitive advantage. Focusing on three key elements — talent, work and culture — we created Smarter Workforce.

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What makes people good at what they do?

Using workforce science and data, our IBM Kenexa Assesments and Predictive Hiring give us a deep understanding of the traits of successful performers and potential high performers.

We know that retaining our top talent is critical not only to maintaining a competitive advantage, but to reducing turnover cost as well. IBM's multi-faceted analysis uses survey technology and analytics to impact retention practices.

Using workforce analytics, IBM has taken proactive steps to retain high-skill employees, projecting savings of


Talent development and retention are the top priorities for Chief HR Officers 2


Strategic sourcing methods are used to find the best talent, and a unique cultural story attracts them.


We connect to quality candidates through consistent brand messaging and social engagement.

On Board
On Board

We seamlessly transition employees from candidate to pre-hire to new-hire through engaging experiences. Employees quickly connect with colleagues, experts and resources.


Retention analytics help identify characteristics and profiles of employees who are likely to leave the organization.


It's all about connections

Connecting through social, data and cloud, our employees, customers and partners collaborate to get work done faster.

Number of mobile devices used by IBMers to conduct company business



Close collaboration is a universal ambition: nine out of ten CxOs foresee doing so in the near future - 46% today; 90% in 3-5 years³


Of CIOs see communication moving more toward social/digital collaboration³


It's what you share

We know that in a social world, what's more important is not necessarily just what you know, it's what you share. By cultivating an engaging work environment through programs like Think40, Workforce Jams and Think Academy, IBM can directly connect actions to business strategy.

55 hours IBMers logged on avarage 55 hours in socially-activated learning in 2013, a 149% increase from 2012

300,000 Active IBMers on our
Connections social platform

200,000 social communities at IBM

30,000 IBMers in client
collaboration hubs

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Smarter Workforce story.

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