IBM Security zSecure Compliance and Auditing

Safeguard Enterprise Compliance
and Remain Vigilant Against Threats

IBM® Security zSecure™ Compliance and Auditing helps security personnel using IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®), CA- ACF2 and CA Top Secret Security efficiently measure and verify the effectiveness of their mainframe security settings and security policies. Automated event analysis, alerts and reports help to quickly locate problems with attributes around a particular resource, security settings, configuration changes and potential security threats.

Capabilities include helping to:

Benefits include helping to:

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Webinar: Reducing Risk for the Crown Jewels on your Mainframe

Best practices, control and auditing to reduce risk

Creating the Ultimate Security Platform

Creating the Ultimate Security Platform

Discover how IBM System z delivers proactive protection for data, web, cloud, mobile and enterprise environments.

Consolidated security for mainframe clouds

Hosting virtual workloads and clouds on System z can address security concerns and provide enhanced availability, performance and cost effectiveness.

Security intelligence for mainframe environments

Get integrated threat analysis, real-time alerts, audit consolidation and compliance reporting across the enterprise.

How Swiss Re Manages Mainframe Security Compliance

  • Swiss Re relies on mainframe security using zSecure for continuous compliance, simplified reporting, and reduced administrative overhead.

Secure the Enterprise with Confidence

Why firms looking for a secure data and application platform should consider the Mainframe

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