IBM acquires UrbanCode Inc.

UrbanCode: A leader in application release automation

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Questions and answers

1. What technology does UrbanCode Inc. provide?

UrbanCode complements IBM’s development and operations (DevOps) capability to enable clients to rapidly deliver mobile, cloud, social, big data analytics and traditional applications. UrbanCode’s application release automation (ARA) solution enables organizations to gain greater business agility by rapidly and more frequently delivering applications to market with reduced cost, risk and increased quality.

2. What is creating the need for UrbanCode technology?

There are three major trends that are driving the need for the kind of application release automation that is offered by UrbanCode.

3. How will UrbanCode technology be positioned relative to what IBM offers today for DevOps?

UrbanCode will complement the overall capabilities that IBM provides in support of DevOps. The combination of IBM and UrbanCode will deliver a first class DevOps solution, enabling organizations to seize new market opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

4. Technically, what will change in the portfolio with this acquisition?

IBM has enhanced its DevOps solution to accelerate and enable continuous software delivery, helping enable organizations to drive down costs by reducing the amount of manual labor, resource wait-time and rework; speed time to market through increased frequency of software delivery; and reduce risk by delivering higher quality application releases with increase compliance.

Additionally, we are extending our commitment to agile software development solutions to help customers deliver software continuously across the entire lifecycle.

5. With the acquisition, how will my level of support change?

UrbanCode customers will continue to access UrbanCode technical support in the same manner with which they are familiar until further notice. UrbanCode technical support will continue to provide assistance to the clients designated contacts.

6. What are IBM’s plans for UrbanCode products?

UrbanCode technology will be a strategic part of the IBM DevOps solution. In addition to further integrating UrbanCode technology with IBM’s offerings and consistent with our ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership in the DevOps domain, we continue to engage and gather input for potential future product enhancements from IBM, UrbanCode and our ecosystem of partners, integrators and customers.

7. I am an UrbanCode customer today, what should I expect?

The UrbanCode product portfolio will be backed by IBM resources. IBM plans to make UrbanCode an important component of its DevOps portfolio, complementing existing DevOps capabilities and solutions. IBM also currently plans to continue to grow and enhance the functionality of UrbanCode's technology.

8. How can I find out more?

Last updated: April 22, 2013

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