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Welcome to IBM Rational Software Support.

As a valued customer, you know that Telelogic is part of IBM Rational software. The Telelogic and IBM teams have worked diligently to ensure your smooth transition to IBM Software Support.

With the transition complete, the Telelogic products have undergone a name change. All products previously known as Telelogic, are now known under the IBM Rational brand name. You will see this change reflected in the product list table below, as well as on the various product support pages. Please note the URLs have remained the same, so you can still obtain the support you need from the same locations on

Questions? Find answers to Transition-focused items in the FAQ area below.

We realize that is a vast website and at times it is daunting to find the answers you need. We have developed this overview page specifically for our Telelogic clients.

Download the One-Page Support Reference Guide here: 
PDF FileAmericas - How to contact support 
PDF FileAP - How to contact support 
PDF FileEMEA - How to contact support

Telelogic Product Support Transition Tutorial:
PDF FileWhere to find things on vs. 

Telelogic Downloads Tutorial: 
PDF FileFinding Telelogic Downloads on

Telelogic Support Migration Communication:
PDF FileSupport Migration Final Customer Letter Telelogic Jan20, 2009



IBM Rational Telelogic product-specific support pages on

Frequently Asked Questions about IBM Support Processes

Q: What information is required to submit a Problem Management Report (PMR) via email?
A: Clients need to provide their IBM Customer Number (ICN), Contact Information, Product, Product Version, PMR Severity, and detailed problem description. Email messages without the ICN identified may be returned asking to supply that information

Q: I do not know what my IBM Customer Number (ICN) is. How can I find that?
A: To locate your ICN, you may contact the eCare team, your Sales Representative, or your Site Technical Contact (STC). More information on STCs can be found below.

Q: Where can I find downloads and fixes/patches for Telelogic products?
A: Downloads for Telelogic products are located in various places on dependant on content. Please review the following pdf file for explicit directions on where to find the particular downloads you need.  PDF FileFinding Telelogic Downloads on 


Q: Where can I find the IBM Technical Support Handbook
A: The IBM Software Support handbook cane be found at: .html
Note: This guide contains important information on the procedures and practices followed in the service and support of your IBM products. It does not replace the contractual terms and conditions under which you acquired specific IBM Products or Services. Please review it carefully.


Q: Where can I sign up for product Newsletters?
A: Product newsletters will now be delivered via the My Notifications feature on You can login and subscribe to the particular products you are interested at: This functionality allows clients to subscribe to particular products and receive email updates or rss feeds on a daily, weekly, or other option basis. These notifications will include any Newsletters, Technotes, Downloads, or other qualifying recently published support content.

Q: How can I open a technical support request with IBM?
A: A PMR can be opened via web request, email, or phone as noted below:

  • Web Access – Case Management
    Electronic Service Request (ESR or SR), IBM Software Support’s online service request system, is the fastest and most convenient method of accessing IBM support. It allows authorized users to submit, review and update information for any IBM software service request.

    The Site Technical Contact (STC) for your company authorizes individuals of your company to use this system. If you have not already been granted access to the ESR site, please contact your STC.

    You and your authorized users may access ESR by visiting and selecting the ESR/SR hyperlink.

    To learn more about ESR, we recommend visiting the ESR Help Site at Please notice the ESR/SR Site Tours hyperlink at the bottom of the page. These tours provide how-to instructions using screen shots and animation to help you get the most out of our site.

  • Email Access
    Users may initiate and update support requests by email by sending their request to one of the following email addresses, based on the geography of your company:

    -- -- Americas
    -- -- Europe, Middle East, Africa
    -- -- Asia Pacific

    To prevent delays in processing your request for support, please include your ICN and the name of the product in the body of the email.

  • Telephone Access
    Users may contact IBM Software Support centers via telephone. Please consult IBM’s Directory of worldwide contacts web page for the telephone number that is local to your area. The directory is located at 

Q: Where is the product documentation?
A: Telelogic product manuals may be found in the IBM Information Center at

Q: Where is the System Requirements and Support Platform information?
A: The Detailed System Requirement pages for each Telelogic product can be accessed from by selecting the appropriate link for the desired product(above), and then navigating using the left hand menu selection to choose the “System requirements” option.

Q: My colleague received an email recently from IBM about the support transition, but I did not. How come?
A: In order to achieve the widest possible exposure of our support transition plans, we attempted to email every user that had contacted Telelogic Support within the last year. Some users were excluded from the email for one or more reasons, including: 1) the user was associated with an account with an expired maintenance agreement, 2) the user's licenses were purchased from a Business Partner who provides the first-line of support for customer, and 3) the user contact information was the same as the STC contact information (STCs were sent a different email). We also believe some emails were blocked by the end user's spam filters, there were changes in company domains and thus the user's email address, errors in the email address stored in our database, etc.

Q: My company would like to have two Site Technical Contacts (STCs) assigned. Is that possible?
A: Yes, an STC can assign a Secondary STC from within the STC Admin screens. IBM only assigns a single technical contact per customer account. As such, only a single technical contact will be migrated from the Telelogic customer database for each distinct account record. This STC will receive all the official communications from IBM about the support transition. This really breaks down into two pieces of information: 1) the IBM Customer Number (ICN) that end users will need to access IBM Support, and 2) the initial credentials into the IBM Support web portal. This does not mean the STC is the only person who can access IBM Support. The STC merely needs to communicate the ICN to the appropriate end users, as well as invite these end users to access the web portal. The STC may assign up to nine (9) others who can assist with the management of the web site access list. You may change the STC contact information at any time by contacting the eCustomer Care Team.

Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of the Site Technical Contact (STC)?
A: The IBM Software Subscription and Support program requires a Site Technical Contact (STC) be designated to be responsible for the software subscription and support offering at that site. This person is responsible for ensuring that your company's personnel understand how to engage and work with IBM remote technical software support. This includes, 1) communicating to your users the appropriate IBM Customer Number (ICN) they must provide to access IBM Software Support, 2) communicating to your users the features and benefits of the IBM Software Support program, as well as the process for engaging IBM for technical support, and 3) enabling and maintaining the access list of Authorized Callers to IBM electronic (web) technical support capabilities. The STC may assign up to nine (9) "Secondary Site Technical Contacts" who can help manage the access list of Authorized Callers on the web site.

Q: I have heard about a Primary Contact role. What are the roles and responsibilities of the Primary Contact?
A: IBM assigns a Primary Contact role per account. This contact is considered the individual who originally ordered the software, or the "Sold To" contact. The Primary Contact and the Site Technical Contact, may or may not be the same individual. During the transition, this individual will receive a Welcome to IBM letter with instructions and authorization to the IBM "Software and Services" web portal. It is at this site where you can download the full releases of software for which they have active entitlements. The Primary Contact may authorize other end users to access this download web site.

Q: I am the Site Technical Contact (STC). From where do I download the Telelogic software products?
A: IBM assigns two contact roles per account: 1) the Primary Contact, and 2) the Site Technical Contact (STC). These may or may not be the same individual. If you received the communication sent to the STC, but did not receive a separate communication from IBM that provided you access to the Software and Services web site, and then the Primary Contact role was assigned to another individual. To be authorized to access the Software and Services site, please visit the site and login with you IBM ID. You will be directed to the self-nomination screen where you can submit your request for access. This request will be routed to your Primary Contact for review. You will receive an email notification from the Primary Contact when your self-nomination request has been processed. Please direct any questions to the eCustomer Care Team. Their contact information can be found at the eCustomer Care Team page.

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