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Test virtualization in the telecommunications industry

Test virtualization can enable CSPs and NEPs to keep capEx down while testing complex services early in the development cycle, reducing overall costs and time to market while improving quality.

How cloud computing will enable telecom operators to do more with less

This webcast focuses on the relevance of cloud computing to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) as users of the cloud. From the enterprise IT perspective, development and collaboration with Systems Integrators or ISVs will be covered. Additionally, the network part of the CSP, as it pertains to deployment and collaboration with Network Equipment Vendors, will be discussed. Delivery of the cloud vision and the underlying challenges faced by CSPs require adoption of best practices and various intangibles, for example, seeking a trusted cloud computing adviser.

Transforming the telecommunications enterprise through agility

Learn how IBM Rational addresses this balancing of business and IT strategies, through an agile collaborative platform which contains key telecommunications industry standards from the Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum) that CSPs can use to plan, optimize, and integrate key operation and business support systems (OSS/BSS) in order to meet the demand of next generation networks.

Delivering mobile applications faster with Agile

This session will discuss the special characteristics of the mobile application development lifecycle and the challenges that they introduce, such as fragmentation, security concerns and importance of great user-experience.

Collaboration in the mobile device industry

Learn about Rational collaborative solutions for the mobile devices industry.

Testing Is Not My Job, It Is OUR Job!

How collaboration between CSPs and NEPs is key to reducing time to service for equipment and applications. This webcast will discuss how solutions from Rational and Spirent provide the testing capabilities supporting the different interactions between NEPs and CSPs, significantly reducing the total time to accept new equipment and applications into service.


Executing product strategy for software defined networking

The network equipment industry is being driven towards Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a technology transition that threatens to commoditize network equipment. Learn why Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMS) will need to effectively execute their product strategies to either protect or seize market share and margins. Paridhi Verma and Harvey Wong, speakers.

Managing software outsourcing to ensure quality and timely delivery

Software development outsourcing efforts by Communications Service Providers can lead to difficulties in collaborating with their software supply chain to ensure requirements are well understood, causing potential delays in product offering. IBM Rational's GADO offering can help govern the collaboration across this supply chain. Charles Rivet, speaker.

Service virtualization for mobile

Most mobile applications developed for the enterprise are distributed, involving a complex ballet between the development of the application for the mobile device, and the back-end supporting services or API. With both of these being developed simultaneously, how can we avoid late stage integration issues? Service virtualization can help. This podcast discusses the ways it can help and the pitfalls to watch out for when virtualizing APIs for mobile applications. Peter Cole, speaker.

Three keys to accelerating the delivery of mobile services

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under pressure to deliver compelling services to their customers in order to reduce churn and at the same raise the average revenue per user. However the process from when a service is first conceived until it's actually deployed can be a very cumbersome process and a inhibitor to a CSP's success. This podcast will cover new and innovative ways for CSPs to accelerate the delivery of high generating mobile services. Scott Niemann, speaker.

Applying IBM's best practices to deliver the TM Forum's Frameworx compliant systems

Complexity within a Communication Service Provider can lead to difficult collaboration among business and IT, causing them to miss the mark with products and services that don't meet business goals. Increase collaboration through actionable enterprise architecture through IBM Rational solutions. Scott Niemann, speaker.

Object Management Group's TelcoML—example of a mobile communications API

Many existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), such as the GSMA OneAPI, define commonly supported set of lightweight and Web friendly interfaces to support mobile development, in an operator agnostic manner. With TelcoML delivery teams can build a component library of OneAPI objects, which are enabled for deployment in devices and operator networks alike. TelcoML provides a modeling view of the API, resulting in greatly improved time to market and superior mobile services and applications. Irv Badr, speaker.


Watch the videoOpening the mainframe to mobile devices (00:01:08)

The IBM Mobile Enterprise solution: combining end-to-end application lifecycle management with both mobile and mainframe development features all integrated together in one package.

Watch the videoAvea cuts deployment time from 4 hours to 10 minutes (00:04:56)

Using IBM Rational products, Avea decreased versioning and deployment problems by approximately 30 percent and decreased deployment time for middleware services from four hours to ten minutes.

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Collaboration in the mobile device industry

Manage collaboration despite the explosion in mobile device providers.

Case studies  

A voice and data services provider creates a platform for innovation

IBM WebSphere software helps improve responsiveness to marketplace changes. A voice and data services provider teams with IBM to create a mobile application platform that helps enable it to respond quickly to meet its customers' needs while supporting growing volumes of data.

Avea cuts deployment time from four hours to ten minutes

The company eliminates separate, disparate tools by standardizing on IBM Rational software. Avea standardized on IBM Rational Requirements Composer and IBM Rational Team Concert software, helping eliminate the issues caused by separate, disparate development tools.

Communications service provider becomes 300 percent more efficient

IBM Rational Test Workbench software provides dramatic ROI, with payback in a few days. A detailed design document and initial test used IBM Rational Test Workbench software to simplify testing processes.

A large communications company reduces project risk and delay

IBM Rational software provides a simulated environment to allow testing without direct network links. The company implemented IBM Rational software to create a simulated environment for automated testing of multiple provider protocols and interactions using a single framework.

Communications service provider increases development productivity by 30%

IBM Rational Test Workbench software increases efficiency, customer satisfaction and retention. IBM Rational Test Workbench software automated tests across the communications service provider's SOA lifecycle.

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