Rational SOA lifecycle management solutions

Accelerate the delivery of your SOA with Rational software

SOA lifecycle management. Streamline the delivery and management of you SOA. A Rational solution

SOA lifecycle management

Streamline the delivery and management of you SOA. A Rational solution

The IBM Rational® service-oriented architecture (SOA) lifecycle management solution provides consulting services, an SOA governance model, service lifecycle management infrastructure, and tools to help you realize the full potential of your SOA investments.

The Rational SOA lifecycle management solution helps you to:

By accelerating SOA adoption, your organization can benefit from SOA more quickly, including increased process flexibility, improved responsiveness, and reduced software and systems delivery costs.

What is your role? Typical challenges
CEO, line-of-business manager, CIO, CTO, VP of development, business analyst Deciding which shared services are needed and in which areas of the business they should be deployed. Deciding how to fund SOA development and maintenance of shared services. Ensuring that SOA projects remain aligned with business goals and deliver the expected business results.
Development manager, project manager, operations manager Enforcing established SOA governance policies and procedures throughout the service delivery lifecycle. Maintaining and securing services assets while encouraging reuse. Considering the impact of reuse of business services on service level agreements (SLAs).
Software architect, developer, build engineer, tester Delivering high-quality services and composite applications quickly and efficiently. Ensuring that applications do what the business wants them to do.