Rational SOA lifecycle management solutions

Accelerate the delivery of your SOA with Rational software

SOA lifecycle management. Streamline the delivery and management of you SOA. A Rational solution

SOA lifecycle management

Streamline the delivery and management of you SOA. A Rational solution

As a CEO, line-of-business manager, CIO, CTO, VP of development or business analyst, you may be part of the executive team responsible for establishing, maintaining, and enhancing the SOA governance framework. You may also help decide which areas of the business would benefit the most from composite applications.


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Rational recommends the following:

IBM Rational SOA Governance and Management Method services offering provides a knowledgeable, highly trained IBM Global Services team to help you map requirements, policies, procedures, and regulations to support business plans based on SOA.

IBM Rational Method Composer plug-in for SOA governance helps you create and deploy your established governance approach by selecting only the policies and process components you need.

Once defined in Rational Method Composer, the customized processes automatically drive project frameworks within IBM Rational Portfolio Manager.

You can also use the plug-in to rapidly amend governance processes if issues arise during the execution of defined policies. Changes are automatically tracked and communicated through Rational Method Composer.


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IBM WebSphere® Business Modeler enables you to create as-is models of current business processes and to simulate improvements along multiple variables such as time, cost, and resources.

IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software reads the Unified Modeling Language (UML) created by the WebSphere Business Modeler software to help design and define requirements for the services and composite applications that enable the new or improved processes.

IBM Rational Portfolio Manager enables real-time monitoring of SOA projects across the software portfolio to make sure they are following the established governance policies and meeting established performance metrics.

A key part of the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform, Rational Portfolio Manager provides a governance dashboard to help you to: