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Organizations capture business process changes, often in SAP Solution Manager, and define business goals for IT delivery projects within the scope of the overall business strategy. Once projects are executed, changes and scope need to be managed in the context of the IT environment and aligned with the desired business objectives. To achieve this, you need a big-picture view of your existing SAP and ERP applications. A big picture view will allow you to visualize and analyze the business requirements in relation to the IT or enterprise architecture and then communicate required any IT changes, upgrades or deployments.

The Enterprise Planning for SAP offering from IBM Rational helps you to achieve a clear understanding of your existing environment and potential ROI so you can make smarter plans for the future and better predict the impact of change.

Planning for SAP deployments must consider and coordinate your business processes, services, applications, and IT infrastructure. A big picture view will allow you visualize and analyze your requirements in relation to the other components of your business and to then help you communicate required changes necessary to help you achieve your objectives.

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