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Today's insurance systems are becoming more intelligent and interconnected. To keep pace and stay competitive you need the ability to not only make your solutions smarter – you need to do so cost efficiently, quickly, and with low risk. IBM solutions for insurance provide a complete, collaborative software lifecycle solution to help you deliver high-quality solutions, on time and with reduced risk.

IBM Rational Asset Analyzer: Assists IT personnel with the maintenance, extension, and reuse of existing mainframe and web applications in modernization efforts such as SOA.

IBM Rational Asset Manager: Enables organizations to catalogue, organize, use, reuse, manage, and report on any type of asset.

IBM Rational Build Forge: Automates and accelerates software assembly processes through an adaptive execution framework.

IBM Rational Developer for System z: Helps make multiplatform application development faster, more efficient, and less costly, and accelerates the development of your Mainframe applications.

IBM Rational Insight: Enables you to measure, monitor, analyze, and trend project and process performance to make the best decisions for your business and for continual process improvements.

IBM Rational Quality Manager: Provides a collaborative, integrated hub for test planning, creation, and execution, as well as workflow control, tracking, traceability, and metrics for project health.

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation: Helps teams define and use requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

IBM Rational System Architect: Helps you link, consolidate, and analyze information spanning strategy, business architecture, information systems, and technology infrastructure.

IBM Rational Team Concert: Provides agile and formal planning, source code management, work item management, build management, and project health.

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