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Let's develop a smarter government

As our world becomes more complex, the solutions to our problems must become more sophisticated—more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent—smarter.

In these trying times, we must work together to make our planet smarter—one government at a time. We believe that smarter government starts with smart planning and a determination to deliver the right services to the right people at the right time. Getting smarter requires working smarter with agile and collaborative development, virtual testing solutions, traceable requirements, and governance over the IT life cycle.

Deliver smarter government services

The application of technology must make program and service delivery smarter, faster, and less costly, but should also help leaders make tough decisions on current offerings and guide agency investments in the future. We provide solutions that can help Government agencies transform their IT for more efficient and effective software development and delivery.

Accelerate development and delivery of software and systems

Our solutions help optimize agency outcomes through strategic planning, agile, collaborative development, DevOps on the Cloud, governance of IT programs, and the development of mobile solutions

Optimize citizen outcomes with planning solutions:

Achieving agility and mobility in the government environment:

DevOps collaboration and moving to the cloud

Govern Development and Delivery of Government Programs and Services

Transform Legacy Technology for Modern Government and Citizens

Open the mainframe to modern digital government

Smarter cities

Infrastructure and smarter cities solutions

The world is changing fast. Every day, thousands of people migrate into cities to live, work, and play. These ever-growing populations pose new challenges for governments and service providers.

From deciding where to focus to developing intelligent transportation systems, IBM Rational has solutions for your agency.

Managing urban infrastructure

Analyst white paper: Smart planning for a smart city infrastructure

Government by design

Make better decisions

Modernizing government

Defense agencies

Protecting a nation is a complex business, calling for complex systems and solutions delivered with stability and simplicity.

IBM Rational solutions assist defense agencies to deliver complex systems with stable architectures -- integrating them across agencies (FES, DODAF), as well as managing partners (A&D) throughout source management and governance. Learn about IBM Rational solutions for defense architecture frameworks.

Improve software delivery

Security and compliance

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