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Westinghouse meets the nuclear compliance challenges with IBM RationalWatch the video (00:02:53)

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Navigating the maze of financial, operational and regulatory pressures in oil and gas

This webcast highlights the issues facing the oil and gas industry, describes how Rational's technology can help the issues and presents a customer example of how they have successfully applied the technology.

Best practices in managing requirements in Energy and Utilities industries

Paul Fechtelkotter, Segment Leader for Energy & Utilities sector at IBM and a veteran in the domain, walks you through the best practices in managing requirements in a highly compliance driven industry like the energy sector drawing from personal, IBM's and its clients' experiences.

Expert forum: Managing complexity in the oil industry

In this interactive panel discussion, industry gurus share their insights, reflecting their experience in integrating data in central control facilities, implementing automated controls in harsh field environments, and even transferring techniques from the space program to the oil patch.

Adopting agile methods for safety-critical systems development

View this webcast to learn how agile methods can be used in the development of safety critical systems to deliver high quality results with improved predictability.

New approaches to Systems Engineering and Embedded Software Development

IBM experts on embedded systems development lifecycle management solutions discuss new approaches in developing advanced products and systems. Topics include systems engineering, quality and requirements management, and industry-specific compliance.


Addressing the needs of the renewable energy generation industry

Renewable energy generation takes many forms, where commercially viable forms include solar, wind, and arguably, nuclear energy. To achieve best results, deployment planning, plus, careful management of assets, requirements, and data are essential. Safety and security concerns are major components of regulatory compliance, while design standards evolve into a set of best practices addressed by Rational's solution for Energy and Utilities. Irv Badr, speaker.

Enterprise Management and its significance in transformation of the utilities industry

Most utilities are undergoing changes in their business process and enterprise management area, in order to offer fully integrated data and information across customers, municipalities, and, the utilities themselves. An example is the electric industry, where a set of best practices are prompted through a set of standards from IEC, SGIP, and other agencies. IEC CIM is a set of Electrical energy standards based on modeling of the data and information related to the Smart Grid. Irv Badr, speaker.

Overcoming the challenge of power transmission and distribution with Rational software

More and more utilities are recognizing the need for transforming their business processes and technical solutions, such as smart meter data management, simultaneously, in order to achieve their new business goals. Leveraging Rational's integrated solution, utilities can realistically transform their processes and technologies with little disruption, and minimized risk. Irv Badr, speaker.

When agility is required: CLM for software engineering with complex systems

Can successful Agile processes be incrementally adopted in highly regulated, complex systems and software development? Hear how companies are blending agile, iterative and more traditional development approaches. The needs of Telecom, Energy and Utilities, and Electronics companies in rapidly changing industries will be addressed.


Westinghouse meets the nuclear compliance challenges with IBM Rational Solutions

Watch the video When delivering software-intensive systems for the nuclear industry, engineering teams should make use of a secure, requirements driven, software development life cycle, ensuring safety and security compliance, and solid documentation for filing certification. Nuclear plants employ multiple teams working in parallel; through automated collaboration and contract management solutions from Rational, project outcome becomes predictable and leads to successful budgeting, planning and deployment.

Case studies  

A power company innovates using smart metering technology

The company uses a business process management platform from IBM to create process models. The company used the IBM Blueworks Live application and a suite of IBM software to create process models for three new use cases.

Energy company uses IBM Rational software for speed, simplicity and teamwork

IBM Rational Test Workbench software sets standards to implement, share and coordinate testing. IBM Rational Test Workbench software centralizes messaging, streamlines testing processes and standardizes procedures.

Case study: CEZ Group

A leading electricity conglomerate with operations across Central and Southeastern Europe and Turkey, CEZ Group reduces integration time and investment and increases savings by using a revolutionary analytics solution to predict the impact of strategic decisions.

Case study: Austin Energy

Taking a multifaceted approach to better energy management, Austin Energy realizes real business results. The public electric utility company cost-effectively builds an ESB-supported SOA and a portal platform using IBM Lotus, Rational, Tivoli and WebSphere software, gaining the functionality, application reliability and scalability it requires.

Case study: Edelia

Monitoring energy usage in near real-time, via direct communication from Edelia, enables consumers to control consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. French energy services company launches a complex energy consumption monitoring and management solution that benefits both consumers and operators through remote monitoring of, and communication about, consumer energy consumption.

Case study: EWE AG Corporation

Germany's leading developer for the energy and utilities industries, EWE uses model-driven testing for real-time view of energy usage. The solution provides model-driven test functionality for the company's embedded software and validation tests, allowing the company to achieve the creation of an interactive environment between the digital meters, company systems and the customer.

White papers  

Ten steps to better requirements management

Your cheat sheet to managing requirements effectively and efficiently.

Solution briefs  

Power your smart grid transformation with IBM Rational software

Simplify the incremental adoption and implementation of an intelligent utility network.

CIM-Driven Application Integration accelerates smart grid transformation

IBM software tools reduce application lifecycle complexity and cost.

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