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Deliver new capabilities while maintaining quality

Electronics fuel innovations in many industries. As a result, electronics firms are under constant pressure to deliver this innovation on time and within budget, while contending with rapidly changing technologies, increasing product complexity, and strict compliance and safety standards. To help meet these difficult challenges, IBM Rational offers a set of solutions and products for several electronics industry segments, including:

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Streamline software and systems development

Gone are the days when software developers would wait for the latest release of a chip and then determine how to use it; today software frequently drives hardware choices. IBM Rational provides a collaborative life-cycle approach to co-development of hardware and software to drive new and innovative products.

Accelerate development of NEPs and mobile device manufacturers

Worldwide mobile device sales have skyrocketed. However, as capabilities of mobile devices expand, software offerings are becoming more complex, making the development of applications increasingly challenging. IBM can help teams develop innovative applications more efficiently, with reduced risk and cost, and collaborate across industry ecosystems (NEPs, CSPs and Mobile Device Manufacturers).

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