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Rational software

Deliver client projects predictably and drive software services innovation

Rational solutions for system integrators

As the traditional role of systems integrators evolves toward services integrator, optimizing the performance and collaboration of people and assets across the software supply chain is more important than ever.

A new level of multi-dimensional complexity – across applications, tools, teams, and processes – must be managed as a competitive necessity.

Unfortunately, common challenges such as inconsistency across projects, lack of objective, meaningful performance and program health measures, and siloed processes and teams can lead to missed targets, ultimately impacting your ability to gain and retain clients.

To create competitive advantage, IBM Rational® software can help computer services organizations leverage an industrialized approach to solutions delivery. Enabling services innovation with IBM Rational software can help you:

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Quality management

Ensure software functionality, reliability, and performance in development and production.
Software factories

Integrate delivery across organizational boundaries and all stages of the lifecycle with shared tooling, repositories, and best practices that help improve time to market and reduce cost and risk.
Packaged applications

Optimize lifecycle software delivery across heterogeneous application environments, including SAP and Oracle.
Performance measurement, management, and process

Make informed decisions through automatic collection, measurement, and analysis of real-time data across the entire development and delivery lifecycle.

Lower your costs and improve flexibility with Rational cloud-based solutions

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