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Real results: Speeding quality application delivery with DevOps in financial services

See how financial institutions are speeding "time to feedback" while maintaining quality, compliance and costs with a DevOps approach and tools.

Governing compliance and open source for effective DevOps

The webcast explores the DevOps approach and how to identify capability improvement areas to target. There's also a focus on techniques to build in strong governance and compliance with regulatory, SOX, legal, as well as internal standards, across different technologies.

Achieve clarity and business goals with IBM's Model Driven Deployment

Explore how IBM Rational solutions for the Financial Services Sector uses a model-driven approach to provide end-to-end traceability of business needs to software implementation and automation design can bring clarity, reduce costs and improve productivity in design, development and operations.

Compliance: A complex environment in the Financial Services Sector

Governance and compliance have long been priorities for Financial Services firms, but the changing landscape is reducing the effectiveness of traditional methods of compliance management. Industry analyst Frost & Sullivan provides insight to market and industry conditions and IBM solutions that help customers understand, plan, execute, and monitor compliance- and business-driven initiatives.

Achieving business agility: How agile is your organization?

Change is constant - how you respond to change can be either your competitive differentiator or demise! Business agility is the ability to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently to change. Learn how your organization can increase its business agility.

Driving and managing innovative mobile banking and insurance applications

The mobile market is changing rapidly – driven by increased consumer demands and the continual introduction of new and innovative technologies. See how IBM Rational has extended its integrated application lifecycle management capabilities to support bank and insurance organization’s mobile application development.


Sue Green Eric MinickSuccesses in Financial Services industries with automated release and deployment
Banking, Insurance and Financial Market clients are decreasing app release time, increasing their ability to test more often, and reducing risk while delivering apps faster. Join this Podcast to hear how automating app release and deployment is cutting unnecessary costs and getting apps out faster in Financial Services Sector (FSS) clients. Sue Green and Eric Minick, speakers.

Surviving an audit: Is your software development process ready?
Software development process audits can literally send an organization into frenzy as it is often costly and challenging to demonstrate compliance with complex and dynamic regulations. Learn how to help alleviate the frenzy of audits through improved lifecycle process integrity. Cindy VanEpps and Nick Norris, speakers.

Achieve greater business agility by empowering your IT organization
One thing we know is that change is constant and how you respond to change can be either your competitive differentiator or demise! Listen to this podcast to learn how to empower your IT organization to help increase your business agility. Valerie Hamilton, speaker.

Transform now! Modernize and optimize your core systems
Financial institutions are looking to achieve greater value through improved services, increased client satisfaction, and reduced complexity. Hear about the strategies to incrementally and continuously modernize with reduced risk; for a roadmap to achieve greater value and performance from IT investments. Valerie Hamilton, speaker.

IBM helps Financial Services clients meet their compliance needs
IBM is uniquely positioned to help financial institutions dramatically reduce the costs and risks of compliance management and meet the compliance needs of regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, Basel III and Solvency II. AnnMarie Stenglein, speaker.


Watch the video Minimize your financial institution's risk with solutions from IBM
The IBM Rational Web application security and compliance solution helps our financial services customers to be protected and to anticipate and prevent, not just respond to the security and compliance breaches that are in front of them.

Watch the video Nationwide: Responding faster and effectively to change
Learn how Nationwide is using the IBM solutions to manage complexity, easily adapt to change and lay the foundation to sustain and grow in the years to come.

Watch the video Improve application deployment for banks
Banks have grown through globalization, mergers and acquisitions. New teams, new locations, new approaches typically lead to much re-invention of the wheel, which has exacerbated the "usual IT problem" of communicating and sharing content. This also provides additional challenges due to a lack of a standard for production deployment and rollbacks. View this flash demo to understand how IBM can help address this issue.

Watch the video CACEIS: Intelligent banking across the globe
The ability to communicate clearly and instantly between individuals, teams, and departments is necessary in a competitive, global market. Bertrand Avé, program architect at CACEIS, explains how his development team used the power of IBM System z to overcome communication barriers.

Solution briefs  

Improve quality and increase your business agility with automated testing

IBM Rational test automation solutions can help you overcome the challenges of testing banking, insurance, and financial market applications. Learn how these test automation solutions can address the complex testing needs of financial services organizations with coverage reports and virtualized environments.

White papers  

Driving and managing innovative mobile banking applications

Learn how IBM® Rational® software has extended its integrated application lifecycle management capabilities to support banks’ mobile application development—to help meet the strong customer demand for more sophisticated and integrated mobile banking capabilities.

The complex compliance environment of the financial services sector (By: Frost & Sullivan)

The Financial Services Sector has endured tumultuous times in recent years. International trade and industrial production is rebounding, and employment growth is picking up in many countries. However, there are still significant risks, especially around ever-tightening regulatory compliance.

Case studies  

Itaú BBA achieves massive time savings with IBM Rational software

An ALM solution cuts the amount of time required for development, build and deployment. The bank implemented a comprehensive ALM solution using IBM Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational Team Concert software running on the IBM Jazz platform.

A bank delivers quality Web Services faster with IBM

A bank streamlines application testing with IBM Rational software. IBM Rational Test Workbench software automates application testing, integrates with other testing tools, and tests across middleware platforms.

ANZ achieves an ROI of AUD4.27 million through efficiency improvements

IBM Rational software helps enable greater collaboration and automation. ANZ uses a suite of IBM Rational software to enhance management of its testing environments by providing collaboration and automation capabilities, enabling the bank to assume an increased workload of 30 percent to 35 percent without adding resources.

Aon Integramark increases efficiency by 85 percent

IBM Rational software automatically synchronizes data among multiple applications. Aon Integramark engages IBM Business Partner Royal Cyber to create a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using IBM Rational and IBM WebSphere software. The company increases internal efficiency by as much as 85 percent because staff members save more than one minute per database query.

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