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Deliver new capabilities while maintaining quality

Banks and financial market organizations today operate in highly globalized and interconnected environments and are faced with the ripple effects of world-wide economic, political and financial events.

To sustain revenue streams in unpredictable times, most financial institutions look to create new income avenues, increase customer focus, and manage risks and costs. To achieve this, they rely on quality IT solutions to stay competitive and agile amidst a challenging environment.

IBM Rational helps financial institutions to:

Optimize, consolidate and transform core systems

A recent IBM global survey shows that nearly 90% of financial organizations believe that transforming from the status quo is critical to profitability. Additionally, it was discovered that as much as 66% of IT budgets are spent on application maintenance. IBM Rational solutions for core system transformation help our financial services customers develop the agility required to plan and execute portfolio and business strategies to reduce operational complexity and operating costs.

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Increase your business agility through integrated software development and delivery

At a time when there is an increased focus on reducing costs, increasing business agility, improving customer satisfaction, and complying with regulations, streamlining software development and delivery is often a key initiative. The IBM Rational solutions for software development and delivery enable customers to increase their business agility through integrated and collaborative tooling and best practices that support the entire software development lifecycle from requirements to deployment.

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Balance regulatory compliance and business innovation opportunities

Regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, Basel III and Solvency II have a significant and broad impact on financial institutions. Companies are finding that legal and regulatory compliance costs are soaring while the effectiveness of traditional methods of compliance management are declining, giving rise to huge fines, penalties, awards and settlements. IBM Rational solutions for compliance help you to understand the impact, streamline the planning and accelerate the execution of compliance and business initiatives as well as reduce the cost and risk of software development compliance.

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Reduce the costs and time to develop innovative mobile solutions

The mobile and wireless market has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Mobile application development is expected to exceed other platforms by 2015 and today, there are now more than 6.8 million developers worldwide developing wireless applications. Financial Services organizations are often finding that these new technologies represent increased opportunities and business models for customers; enabling extended customer reach and enhancing their business differentiation.

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