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Model-driven solutions for timing analysis and validationINCHRON and IBM deliver an integrated automotive engineering environment for HELLA
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Solving the electronic and electric challenge

Automobile manufacturers and suppliers must understand and validate the functionality, timing, and safety of their systems, which is not an easy task.

Electric and electronic (E/E) systems have a number of interconnected systems that rely on each other for functionality. Without visibility, manufacturers may face significant and costly redesign and safety issues.

IBM and INCHRON have teamed to help address the complexities of E/E systems development.

Making real time right

IBM Rational® and INCHRON provide a model and simulation-based systems engineering solution based on the IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering and INCHRON software.

Developers can detect functional, timing, and performance issues early in design phases to:

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IBM Rational Rhapsody provides a visual development environment for collaborative editing and model sharing using industry standard languages which allows developers to check functionality and discover and fix errors earlier in the development process.

INCHRON Tool-Suite offers design and test solutions for real-time critical software in embedded systems.

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