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Success with model-driven development for DO-178B projects

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Architecture, Agility and Measurement: Understanding and addressing risk in A&D programs

Learn how best practices supported by an effective tool platform can improve results, and what kinds of measurements are most effective in system and software delivery. Rational can help A&D organizations "instrument" their systems and software delivery processes to achieve improved results.

Introducing the new Rational Solution for Defense Architecture Frameworks

The IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering supports sharing of information between government organizations and the contractors as an architecture is shared and refined from the top stakeholders to the teams tasked with making this architectural vision a reality. Traceability can be established between the different models, artifacts and tools, helping to improve hand-offs and eliminate or improve "translations" from one language or domain to another.

Wizardry at your fingertips--Making tough decisions easier with predictive analytics

We need wizards—people or technologies which can help us make sense of seemingly intractable problems, and we need to make this wizardry available on a wider scale. IBM is in the business of developing technical wizardry and making it more accessible. One of the ways we do this is by encapsulating difficult problems into models, which can then be made available to those who need solutions in a more consumable way.

Measuring agility in aerospace and defense

In this webcast you will learn how doing integration before unit testing significantly reduces risk; how to measure agility; and six patterns to help transform from conventional engineering governance to economic governance.

New Brew Model Based Systems Engineering and Agile methodologies at Alenia: a Case Study

How do you mix Model Based Systems Engineering and Agile? Most aerospace and defense companies are exploring this mix. A&D programs are large and complex--how do you take practices that started with small teams and scale them up?

Developing an Enterprise Architecture Practice using IBM Rational System Architect and TOGAF 9

This webcast explains how IBM Rational System Architect with TOGAF 9 content provides a solid foundation for establishing an enterprise architecture practice for your organization.


Dealing with turbulence in the aerospace and defense industry

karla ducharme deepak nair The challenging economic scenario poses significant challenges for the companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Join Karla Duchame and Deepak Nair as they discuss how Rational tools can help you address risk in A and D programs and improve business agility with improved governance.

Wizardry at your fingertips–Making tough decisions easier with predictive analytics

murray cantor brian nolan Did you ever wish you could have a wizard at your fingertips, to help you make tough program and project decisions easier? IBM develops technical wizardry and makes it more accessible. One of the ways we do this is by encapsulating difficult problems into models, which can then be made available to those who need solutions in a more consumable way. Learn how IBM Rational helps make tough program and project management decisions easier. Murray Cantor and Brian Nolan, speakers.

What are the odds?

murray cantor It is well known that on-time delivery of a complex system is never certain. This fact raises the question every project lead should be able to answer, "What are the odds of making the date?" This podcast provides a method for answering this key question. Murray Cantor, speaker.

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Watch the video Crane Aerospace & Electronics reduces report times from days to hours with IBM Rational software (00:03:15)

Bernadette Saysette, supervisor of engineering tools at Crane Aerospace & Electronics, explains how IBM Rational software enhances collaboration among development teams and automates application development, testing and reporting.



Watch the video IBM Rational DOORS and requirements management at Raytheon (00:02:53)

Raytheon creates large, complex products for its customers, so it must get the requirements for those products right. IBM Rational DOORS provides them with the traceability, scalability, and extensibility that they need. Their projects are large, often having many thousands of requirements, and thousands of test cases. IBM Rational DOORS helps them keep track of this traceability. Raytheon must also be able to customize a requirements management solution for their processes—they are able to do this with IBM Rational DOORS.

Watch the video Delivering Smarter Systems at EADS with IBM Solutions (00:04:32)

EADS develops and delivers some of the world's most complex and innovative systems using IBM Rational software for requirements engineering and enterprise architecture. See how the Rational platform helps EADS deliver differentiated products with increased quality and reduced time to market.

White papers  

Four key elements to improving systems engineering in aerospace and defense

A&D companies face significant time and budget challenges as they develop complex products that consistently meet changing client, regulatory and functionality requirements. By leveraging Systems engineering (SE) processes, A&D organizations can effectively integrate hardware, electronics and software into multifaceted products that meet client requirements.

Improving outcomes with effective implementation of DoDAF

This white paper highlights reasons why the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is mandated and describes recent changes to the framework, with a brief description of how IBM Rational® solutions can help your organization realize greater value from adoption and using DoDAF in your development process.

The IBM Rational DO-178B solution for the Aerospace Industry

The Rational DO-178B solution is designed to address the concerns of systems and software development in the aerospace industry through a combination of best practices, customizable process solutions, tools, tool integrations and services.

Understanding and addressing risk in systems and software delivery

In this paper, IBM proposes that organizations relying on the traditional waterfall process for systems and software delivery—that is, an engineering governance model—need to make changes to reduce risk and improve results. IBM proposes adoption of agile delivery practices—that is, an economic governance model—for attaining significant improvements.