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Protect your business on the Web

Rational software

Decrease risk and cost with practical, cost-effective Rational solutions

Better security at lower cost.

85 percent of the fraud we see in business occurs in small and medium-sized businesses.Learn more from the article, “Small Business: The New Black In Cybercrime Targets.” (link resides outside of

More than ever, small- to medium-sized businesses need to protect their data and the privacy of their customers, and they must be very serious about Web security. How can you stop your Web site from being the next one hacked?

IBM® Rational® offers practical security and compliance solutions, complete with best practices, to help you decrease costs and reduce the risk of security breaches by automating the identification and recovery of common Web application vulnerabilities and by ensuring compliance.

Rational can help you establish a foundation for a cost-effective security and compliance strategy to keep your Web applications secure, while ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements.

Protect your business

Rational solutions provide a central foundation to help you get a handle on your overall security and compliance and prioritize efforts.

IBM Rational Quality Manager is a central hub for all your security and compliance requirements to help ensure compliance and decrease audit times.

Better security at lower cost

Rational software can help you decrease project costs with automation of labor-intensive discovery and recovery of common vulnerabilities and advanced remediation and fix recommendation capabilities. Our solutions include:

Take control with actionable information

For quick identification of incompliance and metrics for immediate action and effortless audits, try these Rational products

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