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Rational software for Microsoft Visual Studio

Rational software
Like apples to oranges. Not all agile tools are the same. View the webcast.
Powered by Jazz. Collaborative lifecycle management. Learn more.

Software development organizations need to deliver higher- quality software that more consistently delights and inspires their customers. Choosing the right application lifecycle management (ALM) solution can reduce team confusion, increase team agility, and improve team productivity and project ROI.

IBM Rational® software provides agile software development and ALM solutions to help Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010 teams design, manage, test and deliver software applications, so you can deliver features customers want with quality on time and on budget.

As a Visual Studio 2010 development team, you have many choices from open source, Microsoft, IBM, and others to extend your IDE with software management and delivery tools. Use the following table to explore which Rational solutions can help.

Visual Studio team needs to Explore these IBM solutions
Implement, customize and automate core agile development practices Rational Team Concert™. Provides a lean collaborative lifecycle management solution with agile and formal planning, project reporting, process workflow, work item management, source code management and build management, in a single integrated product supporting both Visual Studio and Eclipse.
Deploy a complete, open, integrated ALM solution IBM Rational Jazz™ Technology Platform for collaborative software delivery provides an open and extensible architecture.
Optimize efficiency by enhancing office documents with solutions designed for requirements definition and test management IBM Rational Requirements Composer and
IBM Rational Quality Manager define and manage requirements, provide test planning and quality reporting and deliver end-to-end quality metrics, traceability and alignment with business objectives.
Extend open source tools for more effective software delivery Rational Jazz Technology Platform
is built on open Web and OSGi standards. It lets you assemble your own software delivery platform, relying on your preferred vendors and solutions.

Jazz Revolution demo
Learn more about the Jazz platform by downloading this collaborative ALM demo from Rational.


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