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Turn innovative ideas into smarter products

Rational software

Deliver high-quality products with the right features to the right marketplace

Turn innovative ideas into smarter products

Software is a key differentiator in the majority of products in the marketplace. It is fast becoming the invisible thread that drives product innovation—impacting manufacturers of all sizes in all industries. Consumers putting extreme pressure on product manufacturers to add new software-based features to their products, and suppliers and manufactures are relying more and more on software throughout the supply chain to exchange information in real time, to cut costs, to accelerate delivery, and to satisfy customers.

You have to do more with less, while responding to customers more quickly, meeting or beating deadlines, and delivering products of superior quality. To survive and thrive, product manufacturers must:

IBM Rational® software provides a just-right mix of best practices and marketplace-leading tools for both product management and effective software delivery, helping you deliver high-quality products with the right features to the right marketplace—for less.

Act on the right information to help ensure you build the right product

An unprecedented rate of change has shortened product lifecycles, forcing sales to peak earlier and profits to erode sooner. Fickle customers and a highly competitive marketplace mean that failing to make product investments at the right time can make or break a business.

IBM Rational Focal Point™ is a leading application for product and portfolio management. It provides a comprehensive decision support system that helps you prioritize investments based on customer input, revenue potential, risk, and cost.

Effectively manage requirements to deliver the right features

To make your project plan a reality, you must effectively define, manage, and execute requirements. Requirements, including safety and compliance mandates as well as product and software features, can change, creating a ripple effect that impacts your ability to deliver the right product on time.

IBM Rational DOORS® is a leading requirements management application that can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality by enabling you to optimize requirements communication, collaboration, and verification throughout your organization and across your supply chain.

Develop higher-quality embedded software on time and within budget

To deliver high-quality systems as quickly as possible and to maximize new product introduction profits, engineering teams must find ways to minimize software bugs and compatibility issues, which, in turn, can delay product releases, drive up development costs, and even force costly recalls.

IBM provides a number of integrated tools that can help give businesses the power to confidently deliver high-quality solutions that meet high expectations in less time and at lower cost: