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Deploy a practical, ready to use agile approach

Rational software

Get the most value out of your initial agile software investment

Like apples to oranges. Not all agile tools are the same. View the webcast.
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Accelerate your time to value with IBM® Rational™ agile solutions

IBM® Rational® provides a solution that spans the agile development life cycle, that addresses scaling factors, such as large, distributed teams, and that helps meet compliance requirements. With such a complete portfolio, it’s challenging to know where to start. We can help.

Get started with Rational software’s practical, ready to use approach to agile
This approach helps teams get the most value from their initial agile software investment with a solution that includes just enough process, templates, and tools that automate and drive the core agile practices for maximum results.

The table below shows how best practices combined with Rational tools can help you realize the benefits of agile development.

You want Apply best practices Rational solutions
Faster time to market and repeatable results Continuous integrations and collaboration Rational Team Concert™. A lean collaborative lifecycle management environment that empowers distributed agile software project teams with integrated agile planning, reporting and process.
Higher-quality software Test-driven development IBM Rational Quality Manager is a Web-based, centralized test management environment for business, system, and IT decision makers and quality professionals who want a collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking, and metrics reporting.

IBM Rational Software Analyzer® is a static analysis tool that enables automated software code reviews, bug identification, and policy enforcement very early in the development cycle. Takes continuous integration to the next level.
Grow the value of your investment Select tools that are designed for agile Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager were designed for agile development. They are built upon the IBM Rational Jazz® technology platform for better collaboration and future growth.
Accelerate time to value Leverage templates to save time Rational Team Concert includes six agile templates: Agile process template, The Eclipse Way, OpenUp, Cloudburst, Scrum, and Simple Team.
Reduce risk Implement right-sized governance to keep project on track Start with the agile process templates in Rational Team Concert or modify/create your own using IBM Rational Method Composer®.

Rational software can help govern your right-sized process to ensure teams are in synch.

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