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IBM Rational Systems and Software Engineering (SSE) Solutions Services Offering

IBM Software solutions for product and systems development help you deliver high quality products and systems, on time and with reduced risk. IBM Software product and systems development solutions provide you with the capability to:

Systems and Software Engineering Services Offerings:

1. Assessment & Planning Services Offering

The Assessment and Planning offering will aim to capture sufficient information to make specific recommendations and plans for implementation of your solution. IBM will collaborate with you to understand your current situation, goals and constraints.

2. Quick Win Pilot Services Offering

Follows a prescriptive approach which will implement and prove out the optimum usage model for your organization. IBM will review best practices, provide expert advice, and mentor your core team based on worldwide industry and client experiences.

3. Consulting Services Offering

Our IBM experts will collaborate with your team to understand your scaling needs. The rollout will drive incremental enterprise-wide deployment of the solution leading to enhanced productivity, better collaboration and increased product value.