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Our highly skilled experts have broad architectural knowledge and deep technical skills to help you.

IBM Software Services for Rational are based on years of experience helping software and systems developers.

Our worldwide staff of consultants brings deep skills and experience and can draw from their software and systems solution consulting knowledge to help you improve your team's software and systems development capability and maximize the return on your investment in Rational tools and best practice.

Our skilled consultants will work with you to:

To learn more about how professional services for Rational can help you with custom consulting and mentoring, private (on-site) classroom training, short-term assistance, and service offerings, contact your local Rational account team through the directory of worldwide IBM Software Services for Rational contacts

What we offer

Custom consulting and mentoring You can engage professional services for Rational on large-scale, customized consulting projects that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Custom service consulting leverages industry best practices and methodologies and includes a project management component to ensure that activities are carefully planned and that team milestones are met.

Packaged services
Rational has a number of best practice-based service offerings to support the delivery of consultancy and enablement to enhance your capability in a particular area of process or technology.

Packaged services accelerate your return on investments on a Rational solution by setting your expectations from the start.

Private (on-site) classroom training
Professional services for Rational can deliver private classroom training at your facility. This saves you money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses.

We can tailor courses to meet the unique needs and challenges of your organization. Private, on-site training allows you greater flexibility and control and thus, stronger results.

Short-term assistance
You can also engage your local Rational account team for short-term assistance with a single problem to keep your project on track.

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