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Prescriptive Solutions for Rational

Packaged services from IBM Software Services for Rational

Unlocking the power of your investment

Why prescriptive solutions?

Prescriptive solutions provide a clearly defined deployment process with pre-defined activities and deliverables that implement a turnkey solution addressing your software delivery improvement needs.

Key features and benefits:

What we offer

IBM Enterprise Modernization for Developers Prescriptive Solution for SCM Co-existence

This service offering is designed to jump start your modernization efforts by quickly establishing an enterprise-wide System z application development and deployment environment. The solution consists of IBM® Rational Developer® for System z, IBM® Rational Team Concert™, and IBM® Rational Developer® for System z Unit Test environment. It is a low cost and low risk solution that is designed to co-exist with your CA Endevor® Software Change Manager and Build capabilities.

This solution helps simplify and accelerate creation, maintenance and enhancement of enterprise applications, boost team productivity, collaboration, and governance, and free up mainframe development MIPS for production capacity.

For more information, please contact your local IBM Software Services for Rational representative.