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Why Commercial Assets?

Commercial Assets (CA) allow IBM to meet customers' requirements to extend the out-of-the-box capability of our products. At their core, a CA is one or more executables designed to execute in conjunction with one or more of our tools. They fall into four categories:


Integrations create a data-synchronization or link-based relationship between two or more tools. One side of the integration is always an IBM tool, the other side of the integration could be IBM tools, third-party tools, or homegrown tools.


Extensions extend the capability of our tools beyond their out-of-the-box capabilities; providing behaviors that meet customer requirements.


Utilities perform some function, typically one time use or administrator only use. These CAs can load data into a tool, transform data in a tool, or other perform occasional tasks in an automated way.


Other executables that do not fit into the three categories above.

Many of the assets in the catalog were developed by the Integratoinal Engineering Team (IET) for IBM clients in the past and are currently in use around the world; so you can have confidence that they are production quality. For needs that are not met by the current CA catalog, the IET is ready and capable to build the assets you need. The IET team is focused on building assets to meet the client’s specifications using APIs, tool architectures, and other capabilities of the Rational products. The IET’s knowledge of the underlying tool/platform architecture can help to provide the most organic asset, rather than relying on an API alone.

Benefits to customers

Support Approaches

Each Commercial Asset in this catalog has a specific support approach that must be used. Below is the list of Commercial Assets support approaches.

For more information on any of the Commercial Assets from the catalog or custom assets, contact Rational Services IET.