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IBM Rational Application Developer for Borland JBuilder users


Rational software - Software and system development

IBM Rational® Application Developer is an award-winning alternative to Borland® JBuilder®. If you have concerns about future support and evolution of your IDE, consider Rational Application Developer as you plan current and future projects.

Rational Application Developer is available for you to try through our complimentary trial program. You can download a trial version or evaluate it online with our hosted trial.

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Once you've evaluated Rational Application Developer and experienced the benefits it can bring to your development projects, take advantage of a special trade-in offer:

  Special offer: Trade in your Borland IDE to be eligible to purchase IBM Rational products at a discount.
Why Rational Application Developer?

As a software development professional, you need a recognized and technically respected IDE that has the features you need to build better software faster. Why Rational Application Developer?

The leading IDE for Java developers
"IBM Rational leads the market in commercial java development tools revenues," according to Gartner Research (Source: Market Share: Application Development and Project and Portfolio Management, Worldwide, 2005, May 2006, Laurie Wurster and Fabrizio Biscotti.)

And what do users think? In a study performed by Evans Data Corporation, IBM Rational Application Developer received the highest overall rankings from its users. (Source: Developers' Choice IDE Scorecard, Evans Data Corp., February 2006)

Corporate backing from IBM Rational
Of course you want a great tool. But you also want to feel assured that along with good value the product has a strong corporate sponsorship for preserving its future. Rational Application Developer is a strategic and critical part of IBM Software Group business. IBM invests millions of dollars a year into providing world-class, enterprise-level software development tools.

Part of a complete solution
As important as the IDE is to developers, it represents but one part of an overall software development tools solution. Rational Application Developer stands alongside a number of other IBM products that comprise the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform. Investing in Rational Application Developer can help you and your teammates more easily integrate with staff and tools from other roles across the lifecycle. Having one vendor provide your IDE and supporting tools can make for a much more seamless integration experience, from design and development, to support, to upgrades, and beyond.

The IBM Rational Software development plataform

Your ticket to the open source movement
Things have changed in the business of software development tools. Gone are the days where customers invest into complete proprietary technologies, locking them into dependencies to special-purpose software vendors-and the risks they face on a continual basis. Customers today demand openness, flexibility, and the right to change their minds about tools.
IBM anticipated these changes in the market years ago when it submitted the Eclipse framework to the open source community. Rational Application Developer is built as an extension to Eclipse. And as the other elements of the Rational Software Delivery Platform extend Eclipse for their particular user role and function, IBM broadens the applicability of Eclipse to serve your project's needs across the software lifecycle. This enables us to provide a degree of tool integration not possible with proprietary platforms of the past.

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Special Offers:

Trade in your Borland IDE for IBM Rational products at a discount

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